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I want to introduce you to a couple of brand new releases from one of my favourite brands SBC.  I first discovered this fantastic brand over 20 years ago and from my first application I was hooked, over the years this range has remained a permanent fixture in my bathroom and I’ve introduced so many family and friends to this range.

When I found out that a new Honey collection was about to be released, I knew I had to experience it.  As throughout history the use of honey in skincare, has been part of some famous historical figures such as Cleopatra and if it’s good enough for her, then its good enough for a guy like me.

There are many benefits to using honey in your daily routine, primarily its a super hydrator which gives the skin a moist, youthful appearance, whilst being particularly effective in treating skin disorders such as acne, eczema and psoriasis.  Honey is packed with minerals, amino acids and anti oxidants, which give the skin a real super food boost.

The two products I have been trialing are the SBC Honey & Oats Shower Creme and SBC Honey & Almond Shower Creme.  Which can be used just as effectively in the bath as it is in the shower, if you prefer one to another.



Pure Honey & Oats Shower Creme  – The combination of Honey & Oats in one delicious shower creme, makes this one supercharged body cleanser.  First of all the fragrance is comforting with a hint of citrus, which uplifts you whilst feeling you have a soothing body wrap protecting your skin whilst cleansing.

Oats contain natural cleansers called saponins which give the skin a gentle but effective cleanse and have been known to reduce pore size, effectively removing excess oil and bacteria from the skin.  I found this useful in the shower after a workout session to give me a through cleanse and has reduced the grainy, bumpy skin on my upper arms and back.







Honey & Almond Shower Creme – I was especially excited to this new formulation as it contains Almonds, as I adore their aroma and I have been partial to eating a few and adding them into meals to add a bit of crunch and now I can have my daily fix in the shower.

The meaning in Chinese for Almond refers to beautiful skin and for centuries the benefits of almonds have been known, as a super rich source of protein and omega 3 fatty acids.  They also contains Vitamin E which is a powerful anti oxidant, to defend and repair the skin and acts as a natural preservative.

This comforting aroma with a hints of patchouli, nutmeg and juniper to give a subtle spicy edge, is a pleasure to use.  The addition of the almond in this shower creme gives a luxurious creamy lather as if you were being wrapped in cashmere.  I find this a decadent treat to relax in after a long day, inhaling the aromas and covered in super soft bubbles is the ultimate relaxation.


It’s difficult to choose a favourite between these two products as i adore the unique fragrances of both, as there isn’t anything like these combinations available elsewhere.  You could also try a combination of both for the ultimate honey indulgence.  I would seriously reccomend that you grab yourself a bottle soon as you can.

Both of these can be purchased direct from SBC’s website retailing at £20 per 500 ml bottle, which will give you many months of pleasurable bathing or showering

Have you tried any of the SBC before?

Are you a fan of the use of Honey in your beauty products?

Please comment below and let me know.

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