AA Skincare Seaweed & Aloe Refreshing Eye Gel Review

In this modern world of technology and social media our eyes are constantly working and adapting, whether that be looking at your phone, tablet, laptop or watching TV.  By the end of the day they need a little TLC.

As a guy the one area that always shows signs of tiredness or ageing is always around the eye area first, mainly dark circles, puffiness or general tiredness.  I have been known to sneak on a little concealer to help but this is just masking the issue.

I am always searching for products to treat the eye area, I’ve used eye make up removers as compresses or eye gels, as masks but so far nothing has provided a solution to these concerns.  I’m always time poor so a product that provides all of these solutions in one is what i have been searching for.  So i thought i would try AA Skincare’s Seaweed & Aloe Refreshing Eye Gel.

Amphora Aromatics are a British company that are committed to providing naturally effective products that don’t break the bank and have many years of experience in aromatherapy skincare.

When the product first arrived i was impressed by the packaging, very organic and natural looking with an embossed logo adores the top, giving me a feeling of quality before taking the product out of the box.  The product is 50ml in size and it co-ordinates well with the packaging.  This size makes it perfect for travel and has a pump action bottle which keeps the product fresh and economical to use.

The Seaweed & Aloe Eye Gel has three main properties:

  • To gently and safely remove makeup with causing irritation.
  • To Soothe and refresh the eye area
  • To cool the whole body after sun exposure

I always check the ingredient list on products as i have quite sensitive skin and if you are the same, you will be pleased to know there is a cocktail of natural extracts in this product.



  • Aloe Vera (healing properties rich in polysaccharides which can significantly increase collagen synthesis)
  • Eyebright and Cornflower (which help to calm and sooth the skin, great for hay fever sufferers)
  • Seaweed & Witch Hazel (which have great anti inflammatory properties and help tighten
  • the skin) these are just a few of the many potent ingredients, contained in this product.







The consistency of the product is a light gel texture which is quickly absorbed into the eye area, providing soothing relief instantly.  If removing make up, apply a couple of pumps to a cotton wool pad and hold over the eyes and gently wipe away the residue.  This product would be a fantastic instant pick-me-up for tired eyes on early mornings or a soothing treat after a long day.

The most surprising element of this product is the price at £6.96, which is an amazing price considering the quality of ingredients and effectiveness of the product.  I am looking forward to trying more from the AA Skincare range and fast becoming a fan.

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