Let’s Start At The Very Beginning, A Very Good Place To Start

Let’s Start At The Very Beginning, A Very Good Place To Start

Hello Beauties

It is important in any skincare routine to have a good cleanser, as most skin problems or issues can start or be addressed by simply selecting the correct cleanser for your skin type and making sure you use it effectively.  There is varying methods and textures when it comes to cleansing, the main point is to find a method and texture you prefer to use as if you don’t enjoy doing it then you won’t make the time to cleanse.

  • Cream Cleansers – These are historically the type which would be used in any salon or spa facial treatment, these cleansers have a creamy or milky texture which allows you to take the time to thoroughly massage the product all over the facial area, to give a deep cleanse.
  • Gel Cleansers – These cleansers have a light gel texture, which when combined with water will provide a foaming wash for the skin, these are great for oily or combination skins who find cream cleansers too heavy or for someone who prefers this type of texture of product.
  • Lotion Cleansers – This type of cleanser you would pour onto a cotton wool pad and wipe over the skin, this is great if you have a sensitive skin or have high colour cheeks and the rubbing of a cream or gel cleansers only cause further redness.
  • Cleansing Oil / Baume Cleansers – I have combined these cleansers together as whether an oil or baume, once massaged into the skin the texture of the product is very similar. They usually are more of an aromatic cleanse as the natural oils used are in a higher percentage.  This type of cleansers has benefits for all skin types, with oily skin the oils in the product naturally works with this skin type to remove excess oil in the skin as the two attract to each other, also with a dryer skin type it provides the comfort of cream cleanser without leaving the skin feeling dry or tight.

It all comes down to which texture you prefer to use on your skin, there really is no right or wrong texture to use, as long as you are taking the time and enjoying using the product you will see results.

One important point to remember when removing your cleanser with water, this disrupts the PH balance of the skin.  So you should always follow with a toner to regulate the skins PH.  Which will allow your treatment or moisturising products to become more effective as your skin isn’t over working itself to correct the PH imbalance.

I will be talking more about specific brands and cleansers in more detail with the reviews of products i have tried in future posts.

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