Micellar Cleansing What’s All The Fuss? | Decleor

Micellar Cleansing What’s All The Fuss?  |  Decleor

There has been a big buzz about using cleansing oils and balms lately and for good reason, as they have a natural affinity with your skin.  Many people are put off as they think using an oil, particularly on oiler skins will cause more breakouts.  When they can actually help to calm the skin and prevent flare ups.

I am a massive fan of Decleor, I have used many products from their range for over twenty years now, it’s truly is a heritage brand for me.

So what makes this Micellar Cleansing Oil so different to all the other cleansing oils on the market?

  • It is the first cleansing oil that contains Micellar Technology, which encapsulates dirt and impurities, lifting them away from the skin.
  • It is very gentle on the skin and can be used with every skin type.
  • Longlasting and waterproof makeup just melt away.
  • The fine oil particles kick-start micro-circulation to boost radiance.
  • There is a key blend of essential oils like Sweet Almond, which is rich in essential fatty acids to help strengthen and sooth the skin and Vegetal Squalane, which is a derivative of Olive Oil to maintain optimal hydration levels for deep moisturisation and suppleness.
  • In clinical studies 90% of the women who used this cleansing oil for 21 days, agreed that their face felt fully cleansed, skin texture felt more refined and less visible pores.

The fragrance is divine with subtle hints of almond.  I use a couple of pumps of this cleansing oil and massage gently over the entire face, even around the eyes, before rinsing with warm water.  It leaves my skin feeling super soft, smooth and nourished, no dryness or stripping of the skin.  I find all my oils and serums go on beautifully afterwards, I use this mainly at night for a through deep down cleanse to remove my SPF and makeup in one swift cleanse.  You don’t need to use a toner afterwards as this will deactivate the micellar from thoroughly working.

Decleor also have a Micellar water, which is the perfect partner with this new innovation.  This is perfect for days when you have less time or want a change of texture, but still retain the same level of results.

You can purchase the Decleor Micellar Oil from QVCUK which retails at £22.00 for a 150ml size, which should last around three or four months.  Or purchased direct from Decleor for £25.00, where you can choose two complimentary samples for you to try more of the range.

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