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Beauty Institute  |  Judith Williams

Hello Beauties

I am so excited to share with you the brand new, highly anticipated exclusive launch of Judith Williams, Beauty Institute Professional Care range of products.  This range is packed with highly active ingredients, that really work to give you a visible difference and targeted anti-ageing results.

I have watched Judith Williams on QVCUK for a few years now, Judith’s passion for skin care really comes across.  She has vast knowledge of skin care and only includes the best and most potent ingredients into her products.  Judith is passionate that skin care should be dermatologically tested but like me, doesn’t agree with any animal testing.

There has been various products which I have been tempted to try, but this is my first time experiencing her range.  I feel i am starting at the top, the creme de la creme of all her ranges, being the Beauty Institute Professional Care Range.

This range is launching on QVC on the 4th August at 10pm, with Judith and Sarah Hollamby I have been putting these products through their paces for the last three weeks and i am truly impressed by the results i have seen so far.

You can also purchase Judith Williams products from Cura Beauty’s website.

Here is a list of the products i have been testing.

  • Judith Williams Pure Skin Cleansing Powder – This is unique concept as i haven’t heard of a cleansing powder before, you may think that this isn’t possible, but Judith Williams has found a way.  This powder contains the active ingredients of Lady’s Mantle & Laricyl.  The Laricyl complex comes from the extract of the larch tree which is rich in polysaccharides and mineral salts, to help with the skins tone and firmness, helping to tighten the pores of the skin whilst thoroughly cleansing the skin, but due to the nature of this ingredient it doesn’t dry or strip the skin of moisture.  Whilst the Lady’s Mantle extract contains tannins, flavonoids and essential oils, which help to cleanse and protect the skins elastin fibres, as we age they need added protection.  Put some of the powder into the palm of your hand add a little water to lather, either with your hands or the cleansing brush and apply the mild foam to your face.
  • Instant Eye Lift – This product contains the Maximum Lift Complex, which supports the elasticity of the skin, provides a smoother complexion and leaves the skin feeling like silk.  The ingredients wake up the eye area and helps to stimulate the collagen and elastin fibers, visibly tightening the eye lid area, reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles and reducing dark circles.  Apply this product with your ring finger, gently around the eye area, I like to go above the eyebrows to give a more lifted appearance. Use morning and night to see the quickest results.  The eye area is always a concern for me, for the first time a product has addressed all of my concerns.  I have noticed how more awake and smooth my eye area has become, reducing dark circles and the fine lines too.  This is fast becoming a Desert Island product for me.
  • Highly Active Peptide Serum – Out of all the products in the range this seems the most technologically advanced, from just viewing it in the bottle.  This product is power packed with 20 different types of peptides, forming a complex known as p5.  One of those being Matrixyl which has one of the highest concentrations of this ingredient available on the market.  There is also Gold and Diamond extracts, Hyaluronic acid which can hold 1000 times its own weight in water.  You will see instant firming results on the look of the skin, giving your face a more structured appearance, refining pores and can be added to any current routine to give your skin a boost.  I adore this product, the texture, the fragrance and most importantly the effects it has had on my skin, it has given me a new skin.  My jaw line is firmer, my cheeks and forehead are smoother and the enlarge pores on my t zone are much reduced.  I use this morning and evening, I always look forward to applying this product.
  • Superior Skin Cream – This product contains a highly potent NutriProtect complex which has been specifically designed for the Beauty Institute Superior Skin Cream.  This complex surrounds your skin with a delicate breathable barrier, to provide intensive care to the facial area, by promoting the regeneration of the skins natural protective layer.  The size of this product will mean many months of use, i apply this cream on a morning after my peptide serum.  The texture of this product is rich and creamy, perfect for dry or mature skin types, i have a combination skin type and found by using a small amount over the face a little can go a long  way.  It contains an SPF15 filter which will help to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays.
  • Highly Active Enzyme Peeling Mask – First of all this product comes in a 150ml size, where as most treatments of this type from other brands usually retail in a 50ml or at most a 75ml tube, so being two or three times the size, there is brilliant value in this product.  This mask is highly potent with active ingredients such as a Papaya and Mango enzyme complex, Glycolic Acid and two unique exclusive Perfect Skin and ReMoisture complexes.  These ingredients deeply cleanse the skin, giving a skin clarifying, anti acne effect by gently dissolving the dead skin cells, soothing skin irritations, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.  The Glycolic Acid also promotes a peeling effect on the skin to regenerate the skin texture.   Whilst the Perfect Skin and ReMoisture complexes, help to even skin tone whilst supporting the skins elasticity and help to replenish the skins moisture reserves, protecting against the loss of water from the skin.  This mask has a clear viscous gel texture, which feels like the most super concentrated product you will ever apply to your skin.  Apply over the entire face avoiding the eye area and leave for around 10 or 15 minutes and then rinse off with warm water, the transformation in the skin is incredible.  I am addicted to using this product and have been using it twice a week.

There are further products from this Beauty Institute range, such as Pure Skin Refining Toner, Double Strength Glycolic Pads and Superior Body Elixir.

Are you a fan of Judith Williams skincare products?

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