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I believe that makeup shouldn’t be exclusively for the fairer sex, there are many products that can help a guy to look his best on a daily basis, without looking like he is obviously wearing make up, but just a more perfected, groomed look.  The first brand i will be discussing is Studio 10

Studio 10 is an innovative range that’s designed to be a comprehensive selection of age perfecting, skin perfecting and problem “quick fix” make up, giving men and women the ability to look more youthful as part of their daily routine.  Giving you solutions to create the perfect base, drawing the eye away from wrinkles, discoloration, blemishes or whatever it is you’re looking to cover up.  The packaging is super sleek, with everything you need in handy pallets that you can pop into your makeup bag and you have all the solutions you could need in one place.

Studio 10 was launched in March 2014 and is the inspiration of industry insider Grace Fodor, working alongside dermatologists and internationally renowned makeup artists to explore the aesthetics of makeup, to correct, conceal and cover the signs of ageing, no matter your age as we could all do with some extra help.

Grace Fodor and the Studio 10 range will be on QVCUK on the 26th August 2015 and it is also Grace’s Birthday on the 21st August, make sure you tune in and wish her a many congratulations.






I have tried many primers over the years, this however is the first i have discovered which has been clinically proven with measured results in just 15 minutes, where 100% of the users saw significant visible results, with that time.

  • Visibly reducing fine line and wrinkles
  • Diminishing the appearance of pores
  • Age spots and pigmentation appear less visible
  • Improves puffiness and dark circles
  • Perfect canvas for make up

With all of these claims i was keen to try for myself and put this primer to the test.  My main areas of concern are my eye area, cheeks and forehead, i am always looking for products which can help lift and smooth these areas.  When I initially opened the sachet and looked at the texture of the product, i wasn’t sure if it would suit my skin as it is a clear gel like texture which i thought may add shine to my complexion.

How i was wrong, once applied to the skin it felt like an expensive serum, plumping out my fine lines and giving a lifted effect on my eye lids.  The primer also gave the whole facial area a perfected look, like a better version of myself, slightly retouched in the best light.  I found when I applied my BB Cream, powder foundation or liquid foundation, this primer kept the make up in place all day, normally I have to touch up later in the day, but with this primer, the face I left the house with in the morning is the face I return with at night.  I have used this primer on its own on good skin days and been complemented about how well i am looking.

I challenge you to try this primer and then the next day go back to using either no primer or your previous regular primer and truly see the difference a great primer can make to your makeup.

This can be purchased direct from Studio 10 at £68 for a 15ml Size from the 22nd August 2015, but you can order a free sample to try.


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This product comes in the choice of two shades, Fair / Light or Medium / Dark.  I am using the Medium / Dark option as I have a medium skin tone which tans easily with a neutral tone.  This product is PARABEN FREE, enriched with anti-ageing Suberlift™ , vitamin complex and antioxidant Nyamplung Oil™

I was pleased to see the colour correction shades of the Green and Peach, so often you need the extra help of these to correct the look of redness with the green shade and the peach for darkness under the eyes or age spots.  There is also a primer designed to blur the look of fine lines an enlarged pores, which i found particularly useful on my cheeks and over the corner of my eyes.  Then whats clever is you have two concealer shades which you can blend to give the perfect colour match for your skin tone.  The creamy texture of these products combined with dense pigments, means you need very little, so easy to apply and blend.

This product can be purchased from Studio 10 at £32.00 and on QVCUK at £28.00




We have all heard about translucent powders over the years to reduce the shine, but more often than not they seem to give the skin an ashy appearance and settle into the fine lines.  However Studio 10 have created the ‘next generation’ in the form of an invisible powder, evens out imperfections, fine lines, pores, reduces shine and oiliness and setting make up to give it a ‘lit from within’ glow.

This invisible powder has been jet-milled to a micron-sized, hydrating ‘age friendly’ formula, enriched with D’Orientine a free radical scavenger that protect the skin and Gatuline that helps to smooth and refine the skin’s appearance.

I have used this product everyday whether that be on bare skin which i have moisturised and primed to take down the natural shine on my combination skin or over make up to give that perfected look, taking away any obvious signs that i am wearing make up.

This can be purchased from Studio 10 at £28.00


20150801113604 (2)

I am a big fan of bronzing products, i use a high SPF factor to protect my facial skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays, so naturally if I do catch a bit of sun my face will always be a paler shade.  I do often use self tan products to even this up, but you cant go wrong with using a bronzing powder as this will allow you to sculpt your face in a way that a self tan isn’t able to.

This powder still has the benefits of blurring the look of pores and fine lines, whilst adding a natural sun kissed warmth, without any sparkle or glitter which for a guy who stand out like a sore thumb.

Infused with D’Orientine, a synergistic blend of 7 natural compounds that help to delay visible signs of ageing, its super jet milled formula gives a silky smooth weightless feel on the skin, allowing you to build the colour without looking caked or made up.  The universal bronze shade adds natural colour, without looking orange or ‘muddy’

The most natural way to apply a bronzer is to apply over the areas of the face that would naturally catch the sun, for example across the forehead, cheekbones and down the centre of the face.  For a more sculpted look you can take it down the sides of the nose, which helps to straighten the look of your nose, taking it under your jaw line can provide a more sculpted look in this area too.

If you’re looking for a natural better version of yourself look, whether that be male or female I would recommend giving the Studio 10 range a try.  I am excited to see what new innovations they come out with in the future and hope to try more of the range.

This can be purchased from Studio 10 at £28.00

20150801155532 (1)

Some basic rules to follow if you are ever confused about what type of products to use on a particular area.

  • Green corrects redness
  • Yellow corrects pink and mild red hues
  • Pink corrects yellow or mid green hues
  • Peach corrects blue hues
  • Violet neutralizes yellow and orange.

Have you tried any of the Studio 10 range before?

Please comment below and let me know.

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