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The SBC range combines simple fuss free packaging, with high quality ingredients, producing products that are effective and in sizes, which allow you to use them top to toe.  When I discovered SBC had produced a Cotton Collection, I wondered if it would help with my sensitive skin, which can have flare ups at any time.

The SBC Cotton collection is truly unique as it’s uses 100% natural allergen free fragrance, which has been dermatologically tested to be suitable for even babies.  The products are infused with calming and soothing Oat Flour extract and a refining Wheat Germ blend with Milk peptides to help the skin regain strength.

The most potent ingredient used in these products, is the Cottonseed Oil extract.  The Cottonseed oil is a very effective multi tasker on the skin, providing nourishment and protection to your skin, preventing impurities penetrating the deeper layers.  There is a natural emollient source which contains Vitamin E and Linoleic Acid, which are both highly effective moisturisers, preventing the skin from drying out and causing conditions such as psoriasis and eczema to flare up as moisture is very important when treating these skin complaints.  It is also effective when the skin is reactive or inflamed to help calm and soothe the skin whilst providing essential nutrients.


Sometimes your skin can become reactive when you least expect, it could be due to hormone changes, pollution, sensitivity to a new product or washing powder.  Having products such as these from the SBC Cotton range is an essential rescue remedy to have at home should the situation arise.

These essential ingredients are available from SBC in two formats, there is a Cotton Skincare Gel and a Cotton Hand & Body Lotion.  I mainly suffer from sensitive patches on my cheeks, the tops of my arms and ankles.  I am predisposed to these areas being more sensitive, I have tried many products to help calm these areas, but so far nothing has been effective.  So i had nothing to loose in trying these products to see if they could help.

I started with the SBC Cotton Skincare Gel, the consistency of this product is fluid, gel serum texture.  The fresh, clean fragrance is comforting feeling, as though you’re applying a product that is so pure and gentle to the skin.  I found you only need a small amount as the gel is very concentrated, offering fantastic value for money.  Upon application i felt instant relief from using this product, within ten minutes where my skin was red, sore and itchy had totally disappeared.  I was amazed at how effective this product was on my skin, I shouldn’t be surprised as I am a fan of many SBC products.

For extra treatment and comfort, I applied the SBC Cotton Hand & Body Lotion, over the Cotton Gel, as I am a big fan of layering products and by combining textures of ingredients can be very effective.

The SBC Cotton Hand & Body Lotion, whilst being a lightweight lotion, provides the skin with essential moisture and comfort.  I soon found myself applying this moisturiser all over my body, as the fragrance, like the gel, is fresh, clean and comforting.  Enveloping my skin in a wonderfully pure blanket of nutrients, feeding my body with moisture.

I found after a couple of weeks I was using the Cotton Hand & Body Lotion as my everyday body moisturiser and adding the Cotton Gel if my skin ever felt like it needed those extra potent ingredients.  Which being honest, wasnt that often with using the Cotton lotion everyday.  This lotion has now become my Desert Island body lotion when my skin needs, extra moisture and comfort.

These products can be purchased direct from SBC’s website, costing £34.50 for a 500ml size of the Cotton Skincare Gel or the Cotton Hand & Body Lotion.  However the Cotton Lotion is available in a 250ml size which retails at £19.00.  These products can also be purchased from QVCUK’s website either as a single item in the 500ml sizes at £22 and £22.50 respectively.

However at the moment there is a special priced SBC 4 Piece Gentle Skincare Collection which retails at £36.50 and contains, 500ml Cotton Gel, 500ml Collagen Shower Creme, 500ml Propolis Gel and 250ml Cotton Hand & Body Lotion.  This would be a fantastic introduction to the Cotton range and try some of the Collagen and Propolis ranges.

Which ever size you go for this offers great value for money as I can see these products lasting many months of daily usage.





2 thoughts on “SBC – Cotton Collection

  1. Great article Chris. Here’s my experience:

    I love love love SBC Cotton gel and am soooooo pleased to see it back on QVC after a gap of many years.

    I have hyper sensitive skin that gets very itchy, red, dry, flaky and sore and the Cotton gel is lovely and soothing.

    The fragrance is one of my favourites; very soft, gentle, light, it won’t interference with anything else you might use.

    On an emotional level it’s like a cuddle in a bottle. Maybe because the fragrance reminds me of baby powder but a more grown up version (think Yankee Candle Baby Powder).

    The texture is fabulous. It’s more of a gel cream/lotion than the usual SBC gels. The closest I can compare it to is Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream.

    Like all SBC Gels it sinks in quickly and easily without any need to rub and disappears without a trace, leaving no residue.

    The fragrance is comforting and uplifting. The sensation is cooling, soothing, relief with a touch of luxury. The result is smooth, calmed, relieved, happy skin..

    I reach for cotton gel when my skin is reactive, itchy, sensitive, but I would honestly be happy to use it 365 days a year. The only reason I don’t is because I adore the other SBC products along with Liz Earle, Elemis & Decleor and I like variety.

    10/10 from me. Highly recommended. X

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