Discover The Power of Echinacea | SBC

Discover The Power of Echinacea  |  SBC

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Let me introduce to you the wonderful world of Echinacea, this herby plant has fantastic medicinal properties and has been used for many years to fight respiratory infections and can help alleviate cold and flu symptoms.  I have used this ingredient in many forms over the years, but one of my favourite is the aromatic herbal bath soak created by SBC.

Whenever I am feeling run down or can feel the onset of a cold I run myself a nice warm bath and squirt a couple of pumps of this magical green liquid into the hot water to create a wonderful uplifting aroma that turns my bathroom into a medicinal spa allowing the vapours permeate throughout the house.

I adore the natural fragrance of this product, fresh, herby, revitalising are just some of the ways i would describe the aroma, the Echinacea extract with Eucalyptus and Menthol, combine to make a powerful cocktail of uplifting vapours, which fills the whole bathroom when you are using this product.  It would certainly be popular with the male members of the family, so make sure you have a good supply stocked up.

One of my top tips if in a rush or haven’t the strength for a bath, is to add a couple of squirts to a bowl of hot water and place a towel over my head to help relieve congestion, I also like to finish the treatment by placing my feet into the bowl for a top to toe wellness experience.

As i’m quite a busy person who is constantly on the go I find it difficult to make time to relax or to eat the way I should which can, at times compromise my health and well being, so to have this Echincea bath soak in my bathroom at had to clear my head, and ease tension to help me feel like a new man.

The way in which Echinacea has this powerful effect on the body, is the natural properties of this plant, activate the chemicals in the body to help to decrease inflammation, which gives you the revitalising feeling all over the body.

Due to the popularity of this product is has recently been made available in a 500ml size, which previously was only available in a 250ml bottle.  You can purchase this Echinacea Bath Soak direct from SBC’s website, priced at £13.20 or £25.00 respectively.

SBC have also created a Echinacea Skincare Gel, which can be apply onto areas of the body for a more intense effect, I find when I’m needing the extra benefits of this ingredient I put a small amount on a tissue and carry this with me, so I can take it out of my pocket, at anytime, for an instant vapour hit to give me a pick me up.  This gel also is available in a 250ml or 500ml size.  You can purchase this skincare gel direct from SBC’s website, priced at £19.00 or £34.50 respectively.

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  1. lucydorling
    8th August 2015 / 9:17 am

    That sounds fantastic! I am headachy all the times caused by medication so I like to try and find more natural ways to ease the symptoms. This and the gel sound great I will have to give them a try xx

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