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I am a big fan of Australian Bodycare, I have personally used their skin wash for the last 20 years, this is an everyday essential for me, which gives my body a thorough cleanse, removing all dirt, grime and odours.  For the past month I have been exploring more products from the range, to see how well they performed.

The Australian Bodycare story started back in 1992, originally introduced to the professional salon and spa markets, quickly becoming a brand leader in Tea Tree Oil products.  With this success the company have since developed products available for home use and are featured on the shopping channel QVCUK.

The reason why Australian Bodycare is so popular isn’t just down to the simple packaging or straightforward use, which is suitable for all the family.  It’s the knowledge that they use the highest quality grade of Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia) in their products.

There are 110 different varieties of Tea Tree Oil, the Melaleuca Alternifolia species is the only variant of this plant that has antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal and antiviral properties.  This plant is grown in New South Wales and Australian Bodycare use the first extraction of this plant which is the most potent and beneficial to the skin.

Australian Bodycare Skin Wash

I use this everyday all over the body, the fragrance is a aromatic, earthy, refreshing experience, which makes you feel cleaner from the moment you open the bottle.  The skin wash gently foams with a non drying formula and contains 2% of the Melaleuca alternifolia oil, to thoroughly cleanse, breaking down bacteria on the skin.  This product comes in various sizes ranging up to a litre bottle, which allows for many months of cleansing and excellent value for money.  I find if you have a cold or flu, use the skin wash as a foaming bath product and let the vapours from the steam will help the body to fight off the infection.  The Australian Bodycare Skin Wash can be purchased direct from the KLM Beauty Website or from QVCUK’s website if you would like the Litre Size for £26.52

Australian Bodycare Body Lotion

This body lotion is a perfect partner for the skin wash, I’m not the greatest at using body lotions, but as I’ve got a bit older I find my skin needs the extra moisture.  This lotion has the same uplifting and refreshing fragrance as the skin wash and contains 1% of the Melaleuca alternifolia oil, showing just how powerful this ingredient is on the skin.  This lotion provides nourishment to the skin, which is easily absorbed, leaving the skin supple and soft.  I find it works effectively on areas of drier skin like the elbows or the feet and perfect as an after sun or to cool your skin down on hot days, the Tea Tree combined with the lotion formula, takes the heat out of the skin.  If any of you guys like to a bit of manscaping then apply this after as the Tea Tree will help to stop any ingrown hairs or red irritated spots after waxing or shaving.  I also find when I am wearing this lotion that any bees or wasps don’t come near me as they don’t like the fragrance of the Tea Tree which is a natural repellent to them.  The Australian Bodycare Body Lotion can be purchased direct from the KLM Beauty Website or from QVCUK’s website if you would like the Litre Size for £36.00

Australian Bodycare Deodorant

This deodorant is unique unlike any other that i have tried previously, instead of a clear liquid the texture is more of a gel/cream consistency.  It comes packaged in an upside down tube with a rollerball at the bottom, which gently glides over the skin giving an even coat of protection to the underarms.  This product contains 1% Melaleuca alternifolia oil which fights the bacteria in this area to keep you feeling and smelling fresh.  It is free from alcohol or aluminum which can irritate this sensitive area.  The formula for this deodorant is so gentle that if you’ve shaved your underarm area you can apply this straight after, without any stinging or irritation.  This deodorant comes in a 65ml size which after using it for the last two weeks has hardly made a difference to the size of the tube so I can see this lasting quite a number of months of daily usage.  The Australian Bodycare Deodorant can be purchased direct from the KLM Beauty Website or from QVCUK’s website if you would like a Duo for £16.50

Australian Bodycare Cleansing Face Mask

As I have a combination skin type, I do like to use a cleansing face mask at least once a week to help keep my skin regulated.  This is a clay based mask which combines with active ingredients of Tea Tree Oil, Macadamia Oil and Papaya to achieve a radiant, cleansed glow to the skin.  With the addition of Papaya which has an enzymatic exfoliation action on the skin, you could get away without using an exfoliator before using this mask.  Apply a thin layer to the facial area, avoiding the eyes or if you find your more congested say on the T Zone or cheeks then I would recommend applying it just to those areas to give a bespoke treatment.  This mask comes in a 75ml tube which is excellent value as using this once a week on the face should last a good six months.  This product would can also be used on the body, like across the back or on the top of the arms if you have any congestion or lumpy, bumpy skin.  The Australian Bodycare Cleansing Face Mask can be purchased direct from the KLM Beauty Website or from QVCUK’s website.

Australian Bodycare Balancing Face Cream

This face cream has a light cream gel texture which is perfect for oily / combination skin as it a non greasy formula that is easily absorbed, leaving a matte effect appearance.  With a blend of Tea Tree Oil, Saw Palmetto and Argan Oil, my skin feels moisturised whilst the ingredients are working to help reduce the production of sebum, which will help to prevent breakouts, blemishes and blackheads.  I find I only need to apply a small amount of this cream over the facial area, avoiding the eye area, to give my skin a quench of moisture.  This cream comes in a 50m size which with daily application should last a good 3 months of daily application.  The Australian Bodycare Balancing Face Cream can be purchased direct from the KLM Beauty Website or from QVCUK’s website in a double size of 100ml tube for £18.50

The Australian Bodycare range is one that can be used on a daily basis by anyone, regardless of gender or skin type, we all need dependable, reliable no fuss products that offer effective protection against bacteria, leaving the skin hygienically clean and keeping skin healthy and beautiful.

Have you tried the Australian Bodycare range before?

Do you like using essential oils in your skincare products?

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