Eco-Luxe British Skincare | Bodhi & Birch

Eco-Luxe British Skincare  |  Bodhi & Birch

I have recently discovered an indulgent award winning, British brand called Bodhi & Birch, founded by Elijah Choo in 2010.  This range that is free from Petrochemicals, Sulphates, Parabens, Silicone, Palm Oil and animal ingredients, that offers antidotes to modern life, bringing together the healing power of nature and traditional botanical remedies, merging together Eastern and Western skincare philosophies.

Designed to awaken your mind, indulge your senses and enlighten your skincare ritual with expertly blended products, harnessing the finest materials nature has to offer, all ingredients are ethically sourced from sustainable origins, infused with potent levels of precious essentials oils and active botanical to rejuvenate the skin.  The two products which I’ve been using are the Rosa Rosa Clarifying Cleanser and Neroli Luce Revitalising Face Oil.  These products arrived expertly packaged with great loving and care, surround by a nest to protect these precious products.  The packaging has a luxurious feeling, which is kind to the environment as its made from FSC Certified 100% recycled paper.

Bodhi & Birch Rosa Clarifying Cleanser – I’ve tried many cleansers over the years, so I’m always a little more sceptical than most,  as so many have left me feeling disappointed.  I was drawn to the clarifying cleanser as I adore Damask Rose in my skincare, as this variety of Rose is the most potent and expensive to use.  The aroma is so true to life as if I’d walked into a field of roses and to combine this with elements of Orange Blossom, Camomile, Tunisian Neroli in a Shea Butter and Rosehip Oil base, creates a wonderfully fresh sensorial experience.  The packaging feels so luxurious as this wonderful formulation comes in a pump action glass bottle, to protect the potency of the ingredients.  This Clarifying Cleanser is very concentrated, I find a couple of pumps of this luxurious cleanser mixed with a little water, combine to form a gently foaming cream cleanser to massage into the skin, offering a thorough deep cleanse, removing makeup, dirt and grime from the skin, revealing cleansed, hydrated and radiant skin.  The Rosa Clarifying Cleanser can be purchased direct from Bodhi & Birch in a 150ml size and retails at £32.

Bodhi & Birch Neroli Revitalising Face Oil –  There are many facial oils that I’ve tried over, as I enjoy using the texture and how oils have a natural affinity with the skin to deeply hydrate.  I’ve used a facial oil that contains the Neroli essential oil extract for many years and found this ingredient to have a fantastic balancing effect on the skin.  So I was excited to try this formulation as it combines Tunisian Neroli with Frankincense, Grape Seed, Sea Buckthorn, Evening Primrose and Apricot Kernel, each of which have a potent effect on the skin to rejuvenate, nourish and balance, making this a multi functional oil whether your skin is looking dull, tired, aged or blemished, this oil has the answer.  I could tell instantly that the ingredients in this oil are of a potent quality due to the dark pump action bottle, which stops sunlight from breaking down the wonderful ingredients within.  The oil is rich nectar in colour and consistency, I used two pumps morning and evening to cocoon the skin with these natural hydration extracts.  The pump action makes it simple to use and a measured dose each time, ensuring their is no wastage of the product.  I am very impressed with this Neroli Oil, i’ve noticed a refinement in my skins texture, needed less make up to cover over dull or devitalised skin and deeply hydrated, which is a must for this time of year when the heat is drawing moisture from your skin.  I look forward to continued use of this product to see what cumulative effects will occur with greater usage.  The Neroli Revitalising Facial Oil can be purchased direct from Bodhi & Birch in a 15ml size and retails at £32, which for the quality of ingredients is a fantastic price and can see this lasting a good 4-6 months of usage.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed these products from Bodhi & Birch and very impressed by the formulations.  I will definitely be trying more of the range.

Have you tried any of the Bodhi & Birch range before?

Please comment below and let me know.

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  1. Anne-Marie Mason
    30th August 2015 / 4:57 pm

    These look great, do you know if they’re coming to Q? x

    • Desert Island Skin
      6th September 2015 / 3:46 pm

      Not sure if they will be to Q, but this is why I like to show you all different brands so you can try others too.

  2. Angela Heaphy
    30th August 2015 / 6:18 pm

    I have been using Bodhi&Birch Rose facial oil for the past 2 months and absolutely love it and just started using the Mint Tea Balm which is a multi functional god send. After seeing your review may have to try more of the brand, thanks Chris. x

    • Desert Island Skin
      6th September 2015 / 3:45 pm

      Fantastic Angela, so glad your enjoying the range, more reviews to come from Bodhi and Birch.

  3. Lindsey Sweet0
    2nd September 2015 / 9:18 am

    Think I am going to need to check this out and try it, sounds fab. Thanks Chris 🙂

    • Desert Island Skin
      6th September 2015 / 3:44 pm

      It is lovely Lindsey you can smell the pure ingredients in these products, such high quality.

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