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As some of you may know i’ve had a sore and painful neck for the past couple of weeks, it came totally out of the blue.  First I thought it must of been the way I slept last night, perhaps in the wrong position for too long, but when I woke up the following day and the pain had became more intense I knew something was wrong.  I had bee tried applying my usual muscle remedy products, which had been helping during the day, but when it came to sleeping or sitting in a chair it was near on impossible to lay for any length of time or sit comfortably.

Luckily and quite by coincidence I had just received a  J Pillow which I was planning on trialling on my next trip away, but have found it to be of great comfort and relief to my neck area.  The fact you can shape it in so many ways to suit what you need it to do is amazing.  The luxurious plush cover feels so soft against your skin, combined with the unique 3D filling gives enhanced comfort and support.  I have also been using the J Pillow as a lumbar support when sitting for a long time, as even with good posture the J Pillow gives my back the support it needs.




This wonderful product is the invention of Gemma Jensen, who thought of the idea when she was on a night flight with her family, where they were all feeling discomfort with the travel and Gemma had been woken up by her head jerking forward, at that moment she thought if only there was a pillow that would help you sleep by supporting your head and stopping it fall forward.  Gemma quickly worked on a prototype, she drew on her past experiences as a flight attendant for Virgin Atlantic and was even presented and award from Richard Branson.  A patent for the J Pillow was filed and Gemma was the winner of the Best British Invention Of The Year 2013 at The British Invention Show.

I would always recommend to visit a medical professional, if you are in serious pain as I was, as I did visit my doctor who said my pain appears to have been brought on by stress and that i hadn’t fractured anything, just a slight pulled muscle made worse by tension and to keep on with the arnica and home remedies like the j pillow till it got better.

I am so thankful I was given this product to try, it has truly been a life saver.  I would recommend for everyone to have a J Pillow, whether you are planning on travelling, recovering from an injury or day to day life, its a must have.

This product retails at £39.95 direct from J Pillow, but you can purchase this product from either Amazon or QVCUK at a vastly reduced price.  Even at the recommended price I would still be happy to purchase this product, it has made such a big difference to me.

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