September – Autumn Has Arrived



September is now upon us, the year seems to be racing by. I started this blog in the middle of May, which feels like yesterday and I am a couple of weeks away from it being four months.

Thank you for all of your support, comments, suggestions and most importantly reading my reviews and posts. I have been passionate about skincare for a long time and i’m so happy you are all enjoying what I have to say about beauty.

I have been working hard to put together some new blog posts which will be updated very soon, so stay tuned.  Did you know you can receive this blog via email too, just sign up in the box on the right hand side, so you stay up to date with all of my news, reviews and sneak peak information.

I will also be sharing the latest launches and dare I say it, Christmas collections which will give you a chance to plan ahead.

If you ever have any questions please dont hesitate to contact me, leave a comment, send me a message or a tweet @desertisleskin.


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