SBC Manuka Honey & Orange Blossom Body Scrub & Body Butter Review

SBC Manuka Honey & Orange Blossom Body Scrub & Body Butter Review

Regardless of gender it is important to make sure that you exfoliate your body as if you miss this from your routine, you’re wasting time and money on using moisturising products as they won’t be absorbed into the skin.  Also If you’ve had a Summer holiday or a staycation where you have been exposed to the sun both of these products are fantastic.  The scrub will remove the dead layer of skin from the body, exposing a fresher more refined texture and giving your tan a boost.  The body butter will put back important hydration to the body and give your skin a plumped up, hydrated look.

I am a big fan of the use of Propolis in skincare, I have used the SBC Propolis gel for many years to balance my facial skin and after shaving to calm, sooth and prevent razor rashes.  By adding this ingredient to the body butter and body scrub, it enriches the entire body with these powerful properties.

I have previous reviewed some products from the SBC’s Honey range which are wonderful for body cleansing but I wanted to share the additional specific targeted treatments for the body such as the Manuka Honey & Orange Blossom Body Scrub and Body Butter.

I have tried many body scrubs over the years and there are many types, I have always favoured body scrubs that contain sea salt or sugar, as these tend to give a greater level of exfoliation and dissolve in the water.

I was keen to try SBC’s Manuka Honey & Orange Blossom Body Scrub as I adore the fragrance experience and it contains Dead Sea Salt and Crushed Natural Sugar, combined with Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E, to provide moisture and nourishment to the skin.

The texture of this body scrub is a rich nourishing, viscous, non sticky formula, which means like the Body Butter, this is super concentrated, you need about the size of a two pence piece for the upper and lower body, this gently buffs away dead skin cells and impurities from the skin, giving healthier looking skin.

The whole experience is revitalising a spa therapy treatment for the entire body.  I would recommend to use this body scrub at least once a week to keep the skins texture refined and smooth.  This SBC Manuka Honey & Orange Blossom Body Scrub is available from SBC’s website and retails at £25 for a 500g Jar.

When I first opened the pot of SBC Manuka Honey & Orange Blossom Body Butter I was immediately greeted with an aromatic treat for the senses.  The texture is rich and creamy, combining Manuka Honey from New Zealand, which improves skin health with natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to calm areas of dry, sensitive or stressed skin with Shea Butter, Kukui Nut and Passion Flower Oils to improve skin texture and nourishment.

This body butter is concentrated so you only need a small amount, I use about the size of a two pence piece which covers both of my arms and upper body and the I take the same amount again for my legs.  It applies to the skin easily, enriching the skin in a velvety, non-greasy butter which soothes, hydrates and softens the skin on contact, while warm notes of Orange Blossom revitalise the senses.

I have always been a bit lazy when it comes to body moisturising, with a body butter such as this, I find I can get away with only needing to use this product a couple of times a week, to keep my skin smooth and hydrated.  This SBC Manuka Honey & Orange Blossom Body Butter is available from SBC’s website and retails at £25 for a 450ml Jar.

Overall both of these products are incredible value for money as they offer many months worth of indulgent treatments.

Have you tried any of the SBC Manuka Honey ranges before?

Do you use a body exfoliator or body butters at the moment?

What do you like most about them?

Please comment below and let me know.

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