SBC Grapefruit & Ginger Exfoliating Body Wash

I highlighted in my previous blog about how important it is to exfoliate the body, it can make a dramatic difference to the texture of your skin, especially after exposure to the elements during Summer.  Also it is a must have before any faux tan products, to give an even, natural finish.

I realise like me, many of you are time poor and probably the reason why you don’t currently use a body exfoliator,  is your asking yourself, when do I have the time to do that?  Lets face it the majority of guys don’t like to spend ages in the bathroom but still want to look groomed and fresh.  Well I may have just found the answer.

SBC have created a Grapefruit & Ginger Exfoliating Body Wash, first of all the colour of this product is gorgeous, like a rare exotic blend, with shimmering beads running throughout.  This body wash has a dual action of cleansing the body whilst exfoliating at the same time.  The infusion of Grapefruit, Ginger, Elderflower and Jojoba Beads combine to invigorate and refresh the skin whilst gently buffing away the dead skin and impurities.  Whilst a herbal tonic of White Nettle. Ivy and Fennel create a stimulating, anti-fungal and anti-oxidant rich toning action, to leave the skin revitalised, even and healthy.

This product can used on wet or dry skin, I personally prefer to use it on dry skin, using a small amount and massage all over my body, to inhale the fruity aroma, then jumping into the shower to lather up and rinse.  After using this product my skin is smooth, soft and silky with a renewed healthy looking appearance.  During the Summer months I use this product every other day to keep my skin glowing and my tan looking radiant.

Overall I adore this product, the fragrance is uplifting and fresh, skin is revitalised and all done in a matter of minutes, if you aren’t using a body exfoliator at the moment or want to speed up the exfoliation process then the SBC Grapefruit & Ginger Exfoliating Body Wash is a must have.

This product can be purchased from SBC’s website in many sizes from a 100ml at £6.60 or a litre at £35.00, which highlights the value for money which SBC offer as a brand.

Also throughout September any purchase from SBC’s website will come with a sample sachet of this product to try.




8 thoughts on “SBC Grapefruit & Ginger Exfoliating Body Wash

  1. love the sound of this xx i am trying to make a concerted effort to fit exfoliating & Body brushing into my routine still a work in progress as i get a little lost sometime trying to work out which products are best or how to use them , that is where your blogs are so useful to steer me in the right direction . 🙂 how many times a week to you recommend . I do feel that i am getting better results with the application of my various body creams etc as i am no longer just putting it straight on top of old skin if you understand what i mean . thanks for you brilliant advice as usual doing a fab job Hun take care x

    1. Hi Tracie, we all are like that from time to time, not sure when to use what products, especially if you have quite a few. I am so glad that your enjoying my blog posts, means so much to me. If you were to use this body exfoliator I would say every other day for the first week to get maximum results then use how often as you would like, I use it least a couple of times a week. If your using a stronger exfoliator like the Manuka Honey I reviewed the other day that would be a once a week treatment. You will always see better results when using a exfoliator first before your body cream, helps them to sink in much deeper and be more effective.

  2. Love this Body Wash. Beautiful uplifting smell really wakes you up in the morning. The gentle beads clear away dead skin cells so you looks brighter and less dull. Great for using before you faux tan. Gentle enough you can use every day. Very good if you have sensitive skin and can not use one of the harsher scrubs. A little goes a long way. Would thoroughly recommend and will certain repurchase. I wish SBC brought out a gel in the same fragrance.

  3. Hi, this is the only body exfoliator that I continually re-purchase. I love the smell and how it makes me feel. Also though, I’m not very dexterous at the moment (stupid health issues) so if I’m having a bad day I know I can put a squirt of this on my shower brush and still get a bit of exfoliation. Not as much as if I’d rubbed it in by hand, but the best I can do sometimes! x

    1. So glad that you are fan of this product Anne, that’s an ingenious way of applying the product thanks for the tip. Hope your keeping well.

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