Carsons Apothecary – Mr Carson’s Tea 5* Shaving Formula

I was contacted by The Grooming Clinic to try the Carsons Apothecary Mr Carson’s Tea 5* Shaving Formula, which of course, I was more than delighted to.

Mr Carson’s grew up in Tehran where barbering is an experience, men spend hours drinking coffee, socialising, smoking and being preened in a masculine environment, where tradition is paramount and a barbers technique is perfected, through years of observing senior family members perform their trade.  In the basement of the Carson’s family Persian emporium was where the formulas which date back almost 60 years were made.

I have tried many shave creams over the years, but never have I tried a product with this much heritage.  To develop the 5* shaving formula, Mr Carson joined forces with one of Europe’s cosmetic chemists and took almost 14 months of trying and testing various recipes till it was just right.

I have been applying my Mr Carson’s Tea with a shaving brush, as I wanted to imagine I was in the Persian emporium, about to have my first shave, this method also gives great coverage and allows even distribution of the product.  There is no reason why you can’t use your hands, I just find this method works best for me and gives me the authentic experience.

I would always recommend to shake the product before applying, as the consistency of this product changes depending on the temperature of where it is stored, sometimes its like a fluid creamy consistency and at others it’s a thicker almost ice cream texture, but the performance of this product does not alter due to this.

I have used various razors with this product to give a well-balanced overview, as you gents at home may have different to what I was using myself and no matter which I used I got a fantastic smooth finish.


This shaving formula is rich in Glycerin and fatty acids which soften the growth and expose the hair follicles, the time spent to create this product really shows from the fragrance, which is a masculine blend of Bergamot Tea with soothing and refreshing notes of Aloe Vera and Cucumber.  Down to the engineered glass packaging which carries the latest light protective technology to keep the cream as fresh as the day it was made, you can even use the lid as a shaving bowl.

The Carson’s apothecary products create the perfect shave, gliding over the skin, allowing the blade to catch each and every hair without discomfort, so no need for second shave.

When it comes to shaving guys it is important to have right product, as you can have a good razor but that’s only half of the battle, so make sure you keep this in mind when you purchase your next shaving product.

This is one of the best shaving products I have used, so I invite you try it as this product just oozes Persian perfection.  I very much look forward to trying more products and scents in the range.

 You can purchase this from The Grooming Clinic in a 200ml size which retails at £21.95 and if you use Code 10PC you can receive 10% at the moment.

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