The Perfect Shave by Cornerstone

The Perfect Shave by Cornerstone

Imagine a world where you could have high quality, paraben free, shaving products delivered to your home as often as you needed, so you never ran out.  Well you don’t need to your imagination anymore, as the Cornerstone company have the perfect solution.

Founder Oliver Bridge was never a fan of shaving, mainly due to the cost as lets face it most of us use one of two brands who have quite a monopoly on the market, so the cost just keeps on increasing.  Plus most of us aren’t very good at making sure we always a spare blade and when it comes down to the last one we always kid ourselves that we will pick up another on our lunch break before this one blunts, but always end up using it when it has become blunt as we don’t have an alternative and haven’t found the time or begrudge using our lunch time to go stand in a queue for a new razor.  So Oliver came up with an idea to allow every man to have a quality shave at a fair price, without the need of going to the shops.

There are 3 simple steps to set up your shaving plan

Step 1 – Select how often you shave, to know how often you need new products to be sent to you. (Either every 6, 12 or 24 weeks)

Step 2 – Select the perfect combination of products to match your personal shaving routine, choosing if you would like your razor to have engraved initials on it which is it no extra cost. (From £10 for one product to £30 for all four products)

Step 3 – Provide payment and delivery information and the job is done. (Delivery is free of charge)

The products you can choose from are as follows –

  • Pre Shave Face Scrub –  Blended with Cedarwood, which is a aromatic manly scent and Volcanic Sand which gently buffs away the dead skin from around the hair follicle, giving a closer shave.  Mix with a small amount of water when applying to the skin.
  • Sensitive Shave Gel – Blended with Eucalyptus Oil which has natural anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties and ginger for an uplifting, refreshing fragrance.
  • Razor Blades – These are German engineered with five sharp, fine blades mounted on a strong yet lightweight aluminum alloy handle, with a Vitamin E and Aloe Vera strip.
  • Post Shave Balm – Blended with Mint and Honey to cool and refresh the skin, whilst putting back moisture into the skin.

Overall I think this is a wonderful unique concept, high quality products and tools to give the perfect shave, without the stress or worry, that you will run out of any of these products, so you can always have a fantastic shave and remain groomed.

Also Cornerstone have a Quality Guarantee, if for whatever reason you don’t love your first Cornerstone shave then it’s on them, just send an email to explain and they will offer a refund.

The red and silver packaging has a high end sporty feel about it and would look at home in any guy’s bathroom or gym bag.  The combination of ingredients are right up my street, I luv Eucalyptus, it always gives me a lift in the morning, helping to wake me up by breathing in the vapours as I shave.  The Mint and Honey in the balm, give calm and nourishment to the skin post shave, as we are removing layers of dead skin when we shave, so need to give our skin a treat.

You can set up your shaving plan through the Cornerstone website, there is also the option of sending this as a gift to someone, dare I mention Christmas but it will soon be here.  In the gift set there is also a £10 voucher which they can further gift to spread the gift of a perfect shave or use themselves.

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