SBC Vitamin ACE Shower Gel

All shower gels are not created equal, SBC have proven this by using the latest technology in advanced delivery systems known as Oxysomes in this Vitamin ACE shower gel.  This type of technology would normally be reserved for an expensive serum or moisturiser, but SBC know how important it is to deliver these ingredients from the cleansing stage.

There are thousands of Oxysome beads in this shower gel, each bead contains encapsulated vitamins C and E, keeping them pure and fresh ready to burst onto the skin, the Vitamin C gives a brightening, radiant effect whilst the Vitamin E is packed with antioxidants to refine the skin texture.

Vitamin A will give your skin a moisture boost and regenerate your skin cells whilst the Mediterranean derived Tomato, Olive and Fennel oils unite with one of my favourite ingredients, Propolis to provide hydrated, youthful, revitalised skin all year round

Before I tried the SBC Vitamin ACE shower gel I wasn’t sure what to expect the fragrance to be like,once I opened the bottle I was greeted with an invigorating herbal, fruity, citrus scent that I wanted to dive right into.

You can tell instantly when using this shower gel that it is something special, the texture of this product feels very concentrated and like magic the red beads just disappear, giving a rich creamy lather cocooning the body.

This is a luxurious treat for the body, which you don’t feel guilty about using as SBC offer such great value despite the quality of ingredients in this shower gel.  The Vitamin ACE shower gel can be purchased direct from SBC and is available in a 500ml size for £23.00 which offers many months worth of anti-ageing body cleansing.

There is a collection on QVCUK which includes this shower gel, plus some other products from the Vitamin ACE range at an incredible price, should you wish to try the range.

I very much look forward to trying more from the SBC Vitamin ACE range.

Have you tried any of the SBC skincare range before?

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