Immediate Effect Serum & Night Cream Power Duo | Cult 51

Immediate Effect Serum & Night Cream Power Duo  |  Cult 51

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I want to introduce you to new revolution in skin care, which has taken creator Richard Mears over two years in development to create, giving you over 51 anti-ageing benefits with long-term lasting results.

CULT51 was born out of a challenge to develop a range unlike any other, that could do everything you need with minimal fuss and without the need to layer many products.  Richard has created scientifically advanced ingredients at the highest concentration levels, which work together with your skin’s own molecules to encourage growth and generation of new skin cells, promoting collagen production and protecting against genetic ageing.

51 Reasons

I am a big fan of layering products to achieve the best results for my skin, by combining textures and technologies so my skin has all the nutrients that it needs.  So when I cam across these two incredible sounding products that they would be all I needed, I immediately took up the challenge.

Cult 51 Night Cream – The is a revolution in 3D skin technology, that goes beyond anti-ageing as it works with your skin’s own natural processes to kick-start your skin cells.  The packaging is luxury at its finest, with a minimalist elegance to showcase the product.  It has a velvety cream texture which is super concentrated and you only need a small amount as a little goes a long way.  The fragrance is designed to sooth your senses with a subtle blend of Gardenia, Muguet, Jasmine, Rose and Patchouli.

After around 5-10 minutes of application, I could already feel the firming and plumping benefits, so I was excited to see the results by morning.  When I woke up I found my skin looked plump, hydrated and almost like I had been given new cheekbones, giving my face a lifted appearance and naturally radiant.

Clinical Trials Cult 51 Night Cream



This night cream has been clinically tested and results below are astounding, I certainly would like to see the enhanced benefits using this product over a longer period.


This Night Cream is available to purchase direct from Cult 51 and comes in a 50ml size that retails at £125



Immediate Effect Serum – This is the perfect partner to the wonderful night cream, specifically designed for the eye area or for targeted treatment on stubborn expression lines.  Which I thought would be perfect for my fine lines around my eyes and between my brows.  This serum has a lightweight texture, which is a delight to use and is instantly absorbed.  It felt as though my lines were instantly filled in and quenched my skin with moisture.  A little while after applying this serum my skin felt firmer, radiant and had made my dark circles less visible.  Over the time I have used this product my eye area is a lot brighter and firmer, with my lines a lot less visible.

Clinical Trials Cult 51 Serum



This Immediate Effect Serum has been clinically tested and results below are astounding, I certainly would like to see the enhanced benefits using this product over a longer period.


This Immediate Effect Serum is available to purchase direct from Cult 51 in a 30ml size that retails at £95



Overall I am blown away by these products which have been crafted with intelligence, luxury, innovation and performance at their core.  I realise that given the price point of these products you would expect fantastic results, but don’t let price be your only guide I have spent more in the past on products that don’t deliver what these products can, always research the technology and ingredients to make sure your not paying for advertising.  I will certainly continue to use these products, as they are fast becoming a beauty must have for me.


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