SBC Cotton Bath Milk

I previously gave you some sneak peak information that SBC would be adding to their Cotton Collection, (which I have reviewed) with the addition of a Cotton Bath Milk.  I was super excited about this new release, as I am more of a bath person than shower, “if I have the time” and the thought of bathing in a pool of Cotton Milk sounds divine.

Like the other SBC Cotton Collection products, this Bath Milk has been dermatologically tested with 100% natural allergen free fragrance, which is suitable for all the family including babies.

This Cotton Bath Milk has been infused with moisturising Cotton Seed extracts, soothing Red Algae and Oat Flour with a Collagen boosting infused blend of Wheat Germ Oil and Milk Proteins, which works wonders on irritated, sensitive or excessively dry skin conditions.

I was very excited to try this Cotton Bath Milk, as soon as it arrived I ran a bath and found I only needed to add two or three pumps under running water to create my own bespoke bathing ritual, as though I had been transported to Egypt, relaxing on the banks of the River Nile, with subtle hints fresh clean cotton blowing in the wind.  I found after the bath, my skin felt silky soft and moisturised, I didn’t feel like I needed to apply a body lotion my skin was so hydrated and a patch of redness on my right arm had disappeared after the bath.

This Cotton Bath Milk really came into its own a couple of days later, I had been gardening and as I was getting ready to have a bath I noticed a large red patch on my leg, where I must of been bitten or had a reaction to the plants in the garden and was starting to get itchy and hot.  I had a bathe in this milk and found it really made a difference to the itching and colour of my skin.  I did need treatment at the hospital and medication, but this Cotton Bath Milk has really helped to alleviate the symptoms.

I would recommend this Cotton Bath Milk to anyone that is suffering with skin sensitivity or reactions.  Likewise it is an indulgent treat to quench and hydrate the body.  This product is exclusively available from QVCUK in a 500ml size, retailing at £18.00.  It will be available direct from SBC in the future

Also I can exclusively reveal that SBC will be adding the Cotton Collection with a Cotton Body Oil, coming very soon.

Have you tried any of the SBC Cotton range before?

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