Manuka Honey & Orange Blossom Shower Creme | SBC

Manuka Honey & Orange Blossom Shower Creme  |  SBC

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As the seasons begin to change, it’s important to keep your skin hydrated, regardless of gender it is important to take care of the skin on your body, one of the most beneficial ways of doing this, isn’t what you do on a weekly basis, it’s what you’re using on your skin everyday that can make the difference.   The easiest and quickest way to see an improvement on your body is to make sure your body cleanser is full of moisturising properties and as I’m a big fan of the Manuka Honey & Orange Blossom SBC range, which offer some wonderful targeted treatments, but I also wanted to share how these fantastic ingredients can be used every day with this Shower Creme.

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Quick Facts:

  • Manuka Honey – Improves Skin Health, Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Inflammatory.
  • Propolis – Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Healing, Soothing.
  • Orange Blossom – Soothing, Calming, Balancing

I immediately noticed the vibrant yet comforting apricot glow of this shower creme, which would lend itself to most bathroom home decors.  I like how the majority of SBC products come with a pump action dispenser so you don’t waste any of the product and get true value for money.

I’ve used this shower creme both in the shower on a sponge and under running water in the bath, each time it gives me a gorgeous thick creamy foam which envelops your entire body with only a couple of pumps of product.  I adore the fragrance, the decadent warming aroma of Orange Blossom combined with rich Honey and Propolis tones are a pure sensory treat for the body and leaves a delicate aroma on the body after cleansing.

Overall this Manuka Honey & Orange Blossom shower creme has been a delight to use, it allows me to give my skin a decadent treat on a daily basis, I love the rich creamy aromatic foam which envelops my entire body, providing me with a thorough cleanse whilst giving my skin intense hydration.  The fragrance lingers in the air scenting my bathroom with this fragrant aroma.  I have also used this shower creme as a hand wash, as it is super moisturising on my hands, I cant get enough of this fragrance and would love it made into a body refreshing spray.

This SBC Manuka Honey & Orange Blossom Shower Creme is available from the SBC Website in a 500ml which retails between £6 – £29.50 for a 100ml to a 1000ml size, or can be purchased from QVCUK either on it’s own or in bath & shower collections.  Which ever size you go for this will give you many months of daily cleansing.

Have you tried the SBC Shower Cremes before?

What is your favourite type of scent?

Please comment below and let me know.

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  1. Maria Strange
    8th October 2015 / 4:47 pm

    Sorry Chris, I can’t have one favourite SBC Shower Creme. Are you crazy?!?

    The Manuka Honey & Orange Blossom, however, is my favourite for this time of year. As the nights draw in, the warming, comforting, fragrance is like a hug in a bottle, perfect when you come in from the cold & want to feel snuggly (that’s the honey). Equally in the dark mornings, the orange blossom wakes you up, but in a gentle, refreshing way, not the zing of citrus you might expect.

    The rich, moisturising lather helps keep my skin soft & supple despite the change of weather & central heating drying it out. The body butter is not for me as I like quick, quick, quick, so I slap on the propolis gel.

    I like your idea of a body spray and equally I would like a body lotion, the texture of the collagen hand lotion, but in a 500ml or litre in Manuka honey & orange blossom so I can apply it liberally from head to toe.

    In a couple of months I’ll be swapping to my winter shower gel, the SBC Superfruits and in the Spring to the beautiful collagen.

    Don’t think for a minute that I’ve got through my 500ml or litre sizes each season, I just pass on what I have left to my very grateful sister & 14 year old niece!! The price is as economical as any drugstore purchase. One pump on a bath lily or 2 pumps in the hand creates enough lather for a luxurious shower.

    Whichever you try, your skin will feel clean, soft, smooth, hydrated & nourished. My top tip for autumn is definitely Manuka Honey & Orange Blossom. Treat yourself. You won’t regret it. X

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