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This interview is with the very handsome Alan Barton,I’ve always thought he is someone who takes pride in his appearance and would love to know more how he looks after his skin, hair and nails.

Alan works part time as a model and its easy to see why he has the uniqueness, charisma, nerve and talent to go all the way.  He has worked with photographers and companies such as Alex Wightman Photography, Clockwork Beetle, MenArt and most recently with Project Soaked to raise money for Prostate Cancer.

He is has his own Facebook Page and Twitter account if you would like to contact him direct or book him for a modelling shoot.

Tell me more about yourself and your background

Im 43 yrs , i originally come from Zimbabwe in Africa, I grew up most of my life there and moved to the UK in 1997 . My dad is English, so i love living here, and although I miss the Sunshine, and freedom of a more outdoor lifestyle, London is totally the coolest place in the world to live!  I love going to the Gym, hanging out with my mates and generally being a nice guy.. ha..

Do you have a healthy lifestyle? Is it important to you how you look to others?

For me personally, I have a very healthy lifestyle, I gym daily, follow a strict low carb, high protein diet and that definitely contributes to the way I look.  As you get older you have to take even better care of yourself, but if you start in your 20’s those habits are already instilled in you to carry into your 30’s , 40’s and beyond, it’s a way of life then

If you weren’t doing your current job role what is it you think you would be good at or enjoy doing?

I’ve always been into fitness and taking care of yourself, for me, there are only 2 other things i would ever love to do.. and that is Personal Training or modelling.  Both stem from my desire to be the best you can be always, i guess.

What is your version of beauty?

I personally don’t think beauty can be pinpointed, everyone of us has something that makes us unique and beautiful.. you may not have the classic good looks of Marilyn Monroe or James Dean, but when you look at a person’s face, REALLY look.. you can always find something beautiful.  So for me, the one thing that stands out for everyone when you talk about  beauty is when you can see a person light up , smile and show happiness thats true beauty.

What are your top tips when it comes to skincare?

My one and only  top tip is factor 50 sunscreen.   i never leave the house without it on.. it protects your skin better then anything else against ageing.

What are your current favourite beauty brands?

I tend to be a brand hopper.. so for me i don’t tend to have any specific brand that i swear by, i did use Strivectin for a good few years and swore by that for ages. but have since moved on.  i like to try new things and mix it up.

Why do you use certain products?

Mostly because i get the results i need and they deliver the promise.  Im very much fickle in that respect, and can move onto a new product fairly quickly , or even somethings use 2 different ones , alternating between them.

What category of beauty do you spend the most on and why?

i probably spend the most money on hair care, closely followed by facial products , because those are the 2 areas people will always comment on. it gives me a smile, when people have hair envy or say that i look fresh or relaxed.

Do you like specific male marketed products or do you prefer to use unisex products or ranges?

for me, i have no problem with using both.  All i want is results.  Whatever product gives me that , is the one for me.

Do you wear make up? if so on a day to day basis? Nights out? Special Occasions?

Concealer is helpful , when you have the unwanted break out!  The most i may of worn was guy liner on a night out.

Do you or have you had any salon treatments?

i have had facials, but these are rare, as i tend to do them at home myself.

Is there any products or treatments which you haven’t tried but would like to?

i have always been keen to try Botox, as i reached my 40’s i was convinced that is what the decision would be .. but so far i have held off.   but never say never.. 🙂

Have you had any plastic surgery or non surgical procedures like filler or botox?

I feel that a person should do whatever they can to improve on what they have, be that hitting the gym hard, eating a healthy diet or taking the extreme and resorting to surgery.  I would advise anyone to research alot as taking such drastic measures can be dangerous.

What fragrances do you prefer: Citrus, Woody, Spicy? Which are favourite brands??

i think the best smelling brands are those that smell fresh and clean. I don’t generally like anything that smells overly frangranced.

Would you share your beauty products with a partner?

yes totally.

Did your mum wear much makeup when you were growing up?

My mum to me , growing up , was the Joan Collins of our town, always immaculate, always made up and ready for anything,  she would never leave the house without spending at least 1hr making herself presentable, and that definitely rubbed off on me, as i am very much the same, your appearance, even when going to the supermarket is very important. and you should always be well dressed and well presented to the world.

In Alan’s current beauty routine he is using

  • Dermaceutic Intense Moisturiser during the day and Turn Over Stimulating Night Cream at night.
  • A mild gentle soap for cleansing his face.
  • SPF Factor 50 Suncream but doesn’t have a specific brand at the moment, I would recommend Ultrasun as a excellent choice.
  • For his hair he uses Pantene or Herbal Essence and has been known to use baby shampoo and conditioner too.
  • Fragrance he is very fickle with and always has lots on the go, some of his favourites are, Issey Miyake, Paco Rabanne Million, XS Black and Zara Gold fragrance.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Alan for taking the time to answer these questions, I’m sure they will be very helpful to many guys out there.

Feel free to comment below with any questions.

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