SBC Propolis Shower Gel Review

SBC Propolis Shower Gel Review

Let me introduce you to the wonderful world of Propolis, it may be an ingredient that you are unfamiliar with, but i’m sure after reading more about this potent ingredient you will see how beneficial it can be for your skin.

Propolis is a resin which is produced by Bees from the sap on needled-leaves or evergreens and use it seal and protect their hive from external aggressors such as rain or cold weather, they also use Propolis for its antibacterial properties to inhibit fungal and bacterial growth within the hive, prevent diseases and parasites from entering the hive.

Quick Facts:

  • Anti-Fungal
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Extra Hygienic Care
  • Great for Acne or problematic skin.

You immediately notice the rich decadent amber glow of this shower gel, which would be at home in any bathroom home decor.  I like how this shower gel comes with a pump action dispenser so you don’t waste any of the product and get true value for money.

I have used this Propolis Shower Gel, both in the shower and under running water in the bath, each time it gives me a delicate rich foam which thoroughly cleanses the body whilst leaving a protective layer to look after the skin.  It cuts through all the build up after a long day makes light work of any traces of dirt or sweat after a heavy workout.  This shower gel is fast becoming a must have for me, as you don’t find many cleansing products that have natural antibacterial properties to really cleanse the skin and leave it hygienically clean.

I have also found a couple of other uses for this shower gel, I have used it as a shampoo when my head has been a little itchy from wearing a cap for most of the day and also in a bowl as a foot bath to treat and ease my feet, I would definitely recommend you to try this product, you wont be dissapointed.

This SBC Propolis Shower Gel is available from SBC’s Website in various sizes from 100ml, 250ml 500ml and 1000ml which retails between £9 and £60.  The 100ml is a perfect size to travel with or use at the gym, I will certainly be purchasing some in this size and decant into it for my work out sessions.

You can also purchase this shower gel from QVCUK where you can purchase as a single item or it is available in various collections for greater savings.

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