Barking Mad – Bulldog Body Care & Protection Review

Barking Mad – Bulldog Body Care & Protection Review

Bulldog is a British company and was founded in July 2007, inspiration for this brand came out necessity, as there were very few options available for men, who wanted to use products that were good for the skin and didn’t contain man-made chemicals.   A move that made Bulldog the first and only male skincare company to be recognised and approved ‘cruelty-free’ by the BUAV (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, the British authority on animal testing issues) under their Humane Cosmetics Standards.

The packaging is no nonsense, white with brown and green plus the signature bulldog, making you feel manly whilst engaging in a traditionally feminine activity.  Although the biggest growth area in skincare is male products and treatments, as more and more men are realising how beneficial it is to look after their skin.  The fact this range has been specifically developed for a male skin and not a female or unisex product which is in different packaging to appeal to guys is refreshing.

I have previously reviewed the facial cleansing and moisturising products which can be found HERE.

This time I will be focusing on some of the body products from the range.

  • Original Shower Gel is perfect to use for my morning shower, the uplifting aroma of Bergamot, Lemon, Lime and Eucalyptus layered over Geranium and Patchouli with base notes of Cedarwood and Vetiver makes cleansing such a pleasurable experience and gives you a spring in your step to start the day.  This is a lightly foaming shower gel as there is none of the traditional sodium laureth sulfates to give a mass of bubbles, but this does not affect its cleansing abilities and my skin isn’t left feeling dry or stripped.  This Shower Gel is available in a 200ml size and retails at £3.20 which can be purchased direct from the Bulldog website and can be found in high street stores.

To keep the wonderful signature Original Bulldog aroma with you all day I decided to try the Original Deodorant which comes in a roller ball applicator this makes it easy to apply an even layer over the underarm area.

  • Original Deodorant is kind to the skin, as one of the main ingredients is Aloe Vera, which is known for its cooling and soothing properties and is also free from ingredients such as Aluminium, Parabens and synthetic fragrances.  I found this Deodorant to be very effective, even after a long day and a work out at the gym I was still smelling fresh as when I first applied.  This Deodorant is available in a 50ml size and retails at £5.00 direct from the Bulldog website and can be found in high street stores.


Bulldog protect small


Now I want to move onto the face, with the Bulldog Protective Moisturiser, it is important that we protect the skin on our face with a SPF cream all year round as even when it’s a cold or rainy day your skin is still being attacked by harmful UVA rays.  So to use a moisturiser that has a broad spectrum SPF 15 as part of your daily routine is a must have for me, especially if I am in a hurry and need to get out the door fast.

This protective moisturiser again has the signature Original scent which I adore, combined with Aloe Vera and Cedarwood with a broad spectrum SPF 15 to intensely calm and protect the skin.

The texture of this cream is a step up from the Original Moisturiser which becomes one with the skin on contact, absorbing deeply into the skin providing hydration with no greasy or sticky residue.

This Protective Moisturiser comes in a 100ml size and retails at £8.00 direct from the Bulldog website and can be found in high street stores.  This price point makes it accessible for most guys to be able to have high quality skin hydration and protection for many months.



Overall these products are hard working, effective natural products which the price point doesn’t lead you to believe, but trust me give them a try and you wont look back.

As we are coming ever closer to Christmas, there is some wonderful Bulldog gift sets available from Boots and they are currently on a 3 for 2 promotion, which gives even greater value.  Here is a selection that caught my eye.


From Left to Right:

  • Bulldog Skincare Kit For Men Washbag £15 – Contains: Bulldog Original Face Wash (150ml) Bulldog Original Face Scrub (100ml) Bulldog Original Moisturiser (100ml) & Washbag
  • Bulldog Expert Skincare Set £20 – Contains: Bulldog Original Face Wash (150ml)Bulldog Original Face Scrub (100ml)Bulldog Original After Shave Balm (75ml)Bulldog Original Moisturiser (100ml)
  • Meet The Bulldog Sensitive Duo Tin £10 – Contains: Bulldog Sensitive Face Wash (150ml) Bulldog Sensitive Moisturiser (100ml)

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