FIT Skincare For Men – Lip Serum Review

FIT Skincare For Men – Lip Serum Review

High performance and luxury is what many men look for in their car but it is just as important when it comes to his skincare routine.  Fit Skincare combine advanced formulation technologies with active ingredients to take your skin to boot-camp and kick start your skin into new health.

For the last three weeks I have been using FIT Lip Serum from FIT Skincare For Men.  This is an important time of year to make sure you keep lips hydrated as with the change of season they can so easily become dehydrated, dry and flaky.  This is something that has happened to me many times in the past and been caught out so I always like to make sure I have a lip product to moisturise my lips.

The luxury super sleek platinum effect packaging of this product first caught my attention.  This lip serum comes in a 5ml pump action bottle, which ensures the freshness of this serum from the first to last pump.  I found half a pump of this silky like serum was all I needed to give my lips instant hydration and plumpness, as an extra treat I have used a full pump just before going to bed to work as an overnight mask.

If you are new to FIT Skincare, it’s created James Green has a mission to create a range of cutting edge, high tech, natural grooming solutions made with men in mind, formulated and manufactured in the UK, that were free from harsh preservatives such as parabens and SLS.

Fit Skincare used the finest multi functional ingredients which is evident when you look at the list of active ingredients in this serum, ingredients like Marine Sea Algae, Vitamin C and Calendula extracts which deliver lasting hydration, relief from any soreness or redness, repairing any soothing any damaged skin.

The power behind Fit Skincare is their unique oxygen delivery system called OXY-FIT-10, which fuels skin cell regeneration and ensures targeted delivery of active ingredients to provide maximum benefit.

The Fit Lip Serum is available from the Fit Skincare website site retailing at £10.  Which offers incredible value as I can see this lasting for many months.

Have you used any of the Fit Skincare range before?

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