Kiss Air Candles – Christmas Collection Review

The Kiss Air Candle range was launched in March 2013 by Louise Cox with a vision to create a range of candles infused with fabulous and unusual fragrances that would fill a room with their scent when burning.  Starting with a range of nine true to life scents, it has now expanded to over twenty five fragrances in various wax forms such as votives and melts.  The Kiss Air candle range has been featured in publications such as the Daily Mail, Metro, Bella and Women’s Fitness, with celebrities such as Gok Wan being a big fan.  It’s easy to understand why this range has won so many awards including the “Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday Winner”, “Jacqueline Gold Women on Wednesday (WOW) Winner” and selected as part of the #Smallbiz100 in 2015.

These candles are hand made in Cambridgeshire with natural soybean (Vegetable) wax and premium fragrances to give a cleaner burn and fabulous scent throw.  They have just released their Christmas 2015 collection with fragrances such as Christmas Tree, Cranberry & Orange, Gingerbread, Chocolate Orange, and Mulberry Spice.

I have chosen three from the range to try and wanted to share with you my thoughts on these scents as I am a big fan of candles and home fragrancing.

Gingerbread – Nothing sums up Christmas like this Gingerbread candle, it is a perfect mix of Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Ginger and Vanilla, which gives that just baked festive fragrance throughout the house, perfect to burn to pretend you have been baking.

Chocolate Orange – Before I even opened the tin on this candle I could already smell this deliciously decadent combination of chocolate & orange, so rich and creamy with a slight vanilla undertone.  Within a couple of minutes of lighting this candle the whole room was filled with this fragrance, perfect for me as I am trying to be good on my diet.

Mulberry Spice – This candle is the perfect blend of tangy mulberries, zesty bitter orange peel and lemon with a sprinkling of nutmeg, it reminds of a having a hot toddy, with gloves on in the snow, very comforting yet refreshing fragrance.

Each of these candles come in a metallic tin with bright modern packaging and last for up to 25 hours each, it is important to trim your wick to achieve the best burn and fragrance throw from any candle.  These Christmas candles retail at £8.50 each and are available from the Kiss Air Candles Website.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised at how good these candles are as I have spent a lot more of other ranges in the past and not been as satisfied as I am with these, I very much hope to try more from their range, I am particularly keen to try their Cocktail candle collection.

Have you used any of the Kiss Air Candles range before?

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