Niche For Men – Face & Body Deodorizing Wipes Review

Niche For Men was founded in 2012 by extreme sports and adrenaline junkie fanatic Carl Gentile.  When he was on a plane ride from Boston to West Palm Beach, he realised that whether you have a busy lifestyle going from the office to a night out or a fellow adrenaline junkie, there isn’t always the time to have a bath or shower during your day.  Carl came up with a solution to this problem and is where the Niche For Men, Face and Body Deodorizing Wipes were created.

I’m sure many of you have tried face and body wipes before, there are many available on the market and you may have tried them before and I admit I was a little sceptical before I tried these as I have used various similar wipes before and not got the greatest of results, they usually didn’t make much of a difference or they were too harsh on the skin so you would never use them on your face.

I decided to give these wipes a try for the first time after I’d had a good workout at the gym but had a family gathering to attend straight after and knew I didn’t have time for a shower, I thought this would be the perfect test as if anyone is going to be honest with you, its family.

The face and body wipes comes in handy individually foil wrapped pouches so you can easily carry them with you, which I think is a genius idea as most others come in a large pouch with all of them contained which is more difficult to carry with you as these could even fit inside your suit jacket pocket and not be noticeable.

niche two

When I first opened the pouch I was surprised how wet the wipe was as that is one of my biggest criticisms with other wipes, they are just never wet enough to do the job, also the size of the wipe is also impressive with a (10″ x 12″) surface area.

I used the wipe all over my face and neck then used it on my under arms and small of my back.  I was surprised that after using it on all of these multiple areas the wipe was still wet so I kept on using it on other parts of the body as it just kept going and going.  My skin felt clean and refreshed, not stripped or tight but it had taken away all the sweat and grime from my face and body.  These wipes are infused with Aloe Vera and Ginseng with a subtle cologne fragrance that gently scents the skin.

I am so glad to have found these wipes they are a must have for those moments you need to feel clean and refreshed at a moments notice.

These Niche For Men Face and Body Deodorizing Wipes will be available to purchase at select GNC locations from January 1st 2016, I would highly recommend you to give them a try.

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