Philosophy Fresh Cream & Cinnamon Buns Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath Review

Philosophy Fresh Cream & Cinnamon Buns Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath Review

As a guy it’s fantastic that Philosophy produce truly multi tasking cleansing products, product that you can use from head to toe and is genuinely effective in each of the three uses, as so often this isn’t the case.  This a must have product for your gym bag or if you do a lot of travelling as your only packing one product instead of three.

Both of these shampoo, bath & shower gels have a rich creamy texture, which is very concentrated and you only need to squeeze a small amount under running water to create the most divine fragrance that fills the bathroom and lots of soft creamy bubbles that you just want to dive into.  In the shower I use a scrunchie which creates a beautiful lather that envelops the skin in the most heavenly cascade of bubbles.

I love that on the front of both of these bottles there is a recipe to make your own Cinnamon Buns & Fresh Cream creations.  I am now going to go into more detail about the fragrances of these bath and shower gels.

Cinnamon Buns – I adore eating Cinnamon Buns and wanted to try this bath and shower gel as i’m trying to be good with my eating plan and wanted to see if this would curb my cravings by allowing me to have a sweet treat fix with zero calories.  This fragrance is so yummy, when I first began to lather the scent of warm sugary baking notes came to life, followed by warm vanilla and then a touch of cinnamon to create a pure decadent scent which lingers on the body after use.  The fragrance made me feel cosy, comforted and warm it is definitely a must have for a treat on these colder nights.

Fresh Cream – Who doesn’t like fresh cream, whether it’s combined with cakes, pastries or some fresh fruit, it’s always a welcome addition.  But as mentioned above I am trying my best to be good with my diet, so i’m looking at other ways to ease my cravings.  This fragrance is divine, it’s like a warm sugary version of pure grace, still fresh and clean with a sweeter edge to it.  I have been using this on a morning, as I feel the freshness of this scent is perfect for this time of day.

These products not only smell delicious, but they are a moisture quench my skin, giving me a refreshed, renewed and nourished hair and body.

Both the Cinnamon Buns & Fresh Cream shampoo, bath and shower gel retails at £19 for a 480ml size and is available from Boots, John Lewis and QVCUK.

Be sure to tune in to the 12th Anniversary show of Philosophy on QVCUK on 11th November 2015 at 9pm for some fantastic special priced offers and EZ payments.

Have you tried any of the Philosophy body cleansing range before?

What is your current favourite Philosophy fragrance?

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