OPI 6 Piece Metallic Collection Review

OPI 6 Piece Metallic Collection Review

As a special treat just in time for Christmas, OPI have created two wonderful metallic collections in the choice of Gold or Silver options, presented beautifully in a matte black box with either the Gold or Silver scroll work on the front.

The value of these collections are amazing as if you were to buy each of these separately from OPI it would cost you over £86, but for a very limited time only they are available on QVCUK for £33.50.

There are so many wonderful elements to these collections, you have the world famous Nail Envy strengthening treatment, four fantastic full size nail lacquer shades and a full size OPI Designer Series lacquer with real Diamond particles in them.

In each collection you will receive the OPI Nail Envy treatment, then you have a choice of which colours you would prefer.

Gold Option:211606_ggn

  • Glitzerland (15ml) – a true liquid gold shade with a hint of glistening shimmer, like frost particles have settled on the nail.
  • Rose of Light (15ml) – perfect as a top coat over any colour, to give a rose gold hue, encrusted with an aura borealis glitter effect.
  • DS Bold (15ml) – a true Dorothy ruby red slipper moment, encrusted with real diamond shimmer.
  • OPI Ink (15ml) – a rich royal navy shade mixed with hues of plum and fuchsia sparkles,
  • Pedal Faster Suzi! (15ml) – full coverage muted pink shade with a hint of lavender sparkles which catch in the light.

The shape of the OPI bottle and the textured finish to the lid, make the lacquer easy to hold and feels secure in your hand.  The pro wide brush allows you to cover the nail with two strokes for an even coat.

I would always recommend to apply two coats to bring out the true depth of the shade and follow with a top coat to give high shine and durability.


Silver Option:

  • DS Radiance (15ml) – rich, opulent sparkling christmas silver encrusted with real diamond aura borealis shimmer.
  • My Voice is a Little Norse (15ml) – a prismatic glitter effect to transform any lacquer into a shimmer
  • Flashbulb Fuchsia (15ml) – vibrant fuchsia and magenta shade perfect for a pop of colour
  • An Affair in Red Square (15ml) – a rich, bold true red shade, perfect for Christmas
  • Muir Muir on the Wall (15ml) – multi dimensional deep plum with a hint of bronze shimmer.

The OPI Nail Envy has transformed my nails they are now much stronger and in better condition, as before they would always be bendy, flaky or would split in the worst places.  The combination of hydrolysed wheat protein and calcium have given my nails the necessary nutrients they needed.  You apply two coats to your bare nail, then apply one coat every other day to maintain the treatment, then at the end of the week remove with a non acetone polish remover and the process starts again, pretty simple.

Both of these would make fabulous gifts for anyone who enjoys nail colour or need the help of the Nail Envy to make their nails longer and stronger to be more confident with colours.  The colours are gorgeous and would look fantastic on the fingers or toes.  My top picks from these collections would be, My Voice Is A Little Norse, Flashbulb Fuchsia, Rose of Light and OPI Ink.

These collections will be back on QVCUK on the 24th November as they were so popular on their first airing.  Make sure you tune into QVCUK tomorrow at 12pm for an hour of OPI Christmas Gifts with Siobhain Squires who will be bringing you this wonderful collection below.

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