Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream Review

Since its launch in 2003 the Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream has become an iconic anti ageing moisturiser in the beauty industry and has won over thirty awards and has been clinically tested for its effectiveness and performance.

I first discovered the Pro Collagen Marine Cream when I was 22 when my skin was prone to more oiliness and break outs but I was concerned about anti-ageing, even at that early age.  The gel-cream texture suited my skin as it isn’t too light or too rich, it was the first anti-ageing cream that I had come across with this unique texture as many others I had tried were too rich for my skin.

Over the years I have tried many different creams from various brands, which I believe is important to find out which suits your own skin as we are all unique.  Around seven years ago I decided to try the Pro Collagen Marine Cream again as none of the other creams I had tried since had worked so effectively on smoothing out my fine lines and wrinkles, since then I have never been without this miracle cream

“There is nothing quite like the Pro Collagen Marine Cream, the natural aroma, the gel-cream texture, the ability to hydrate and plump the skin and above all the line erasing results that I have seen on my skin are truly outstanding. “

I would never want to be without the Elemis Pro Collagen Marine cream, it has made it onto my list of Desert Island Products that I simply cannot be without, I am sure if you try it you will feel the same way.

If I am in a rush or to be honest being a little lazy I use the Pro Collagen Marine cream as a face, neck and eye cream, there is no other anti-ageing product that I have been able to use in such a multi functional way and still be effective.

I have recommended this cream many times to close friends and family and they always come back to me with fantastic results and want to know where they can buy more from.

If you are looking for a powerful anti-ageing moisturiser that will work on your lines and wrinkles, increase the hydration in your skin at any age then look no further than the Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream.

This anti-ageing moisturiser will be part of the Elemis Christmas TSV on the 15th November, where you will receive a 30ml size pot which is worth £48 if bought direct from Elemis.

Have you tried the Pro Collagen Marine Cream before?

What is your current favourite moisturiser and why?

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