OPI 4 Piece Nail Envy Nailcare Wardrobe Review

OPI 4 Piece Nail Envy Nailcare Wardrobe Review

OPI have done it again, they are big believers in treating your nails to be best in strengthening and moisture, to give you long, strong, well maintained nails.  In this collection OPI are also giving you two very wearable shades, combining the Nail Envy treatment benefits with Nude and Pink tones, as your one step strengthen and colour manicure.  This 4 Piece Nail Envy Nailcare Wardrobe is available from QVCUK at the amazing price of £31.20 and on 2 EZ payments when the value of this collection would be £78 if bought direct from OPI and without the beautiful cream presentation box which has doors on the front to open like a wardrobe.

  • Pink Nail Envy – a beautiful pastel pink shade which will suit most skin tones and nail lengths.
  • Nude Nail Envy – a stunning creamy nude shade which will give you nails an elegant, well groomed look without trying too hard.

I admit when it comes to looking after my nails I haven’t been the most dedicated as they are usually in good condition.  That was until this year, when my nails started to become bendy, flaky or would split in the worst places.   It is easy to neglect your hands and forget how much hard work you do with them on a daily basis.

“My saviour has been using the combined treatment of the Nail Envy and Avoplex Nail and Cuticle Oil.”

The combination of hydrolysed wheat protein and calcium in the Nail Envy treatment has given my nails the necessary nutrients they need.  You apply two coats to your bare nail, then apply one coat every other day to maintain the treatment, then at the end of the week remove with a non acetone polish remover and the process starts again, pretty simple.

Not forgetting about the cuticle area, as keeping this area moisturised will help new nail growth to be hydrated and in better condition.  The main ingredient in Avoplex is Avocado Oil, which contains a super antioxidant called tocotrienol, which is 1000 times more powerful than regular vitamin E to feed the cuticle area.  The Avocado is combined with grape seed, sunflower, sesame and kukui nut oils, to provide a powerhouse of rich therapeutic essential moisturisers.  For best results I recommended to apply this oil when ever you have the time or when you wash your hands to keep the cuticle area nourished.

This collection has been so popular and is only available at QVCUK on advanced orders for the week commencing 23rd November 2015, also the price of £31.20 ends today and it is very unlikely that this will come back even at the higher price point.  So grab it while you can and transform your nails or perfect to give as a gift or you could sneaky and split up the collection and keep some for yourself and gift part of it, to share the secret of great nails.

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