Bodhi & Birch – Assemblage Gift Set Review

Bodhi & Birch – Assemblage Gift Set Review

Out of the all the Bodhi & Birch Christmas gift sets the one I was drawn to the most was the Assemblage collection, as this is like a chocolate box of all the different flavours from the range, for me to try and explore.  I think this is a fantastic idea so that you can decide which of the fragrances you like the most and then purchase in the full size.

Each of the bath & shower therapies are designed to reflect your mood or the type of effect you would like your mood to be, such as : Calming, Energising, Vitalising, Relaxing, Refreshing, Reviving and Sensual.  The packaging of these shower therapies are very high end and look stylish around my bath, I like that the bottles are a hard plastic, as so many are quite thin and you can’t really reuse them again in the future as they look all squished and tatty.

The foaming ingredients are derived from Coconut Oil and Fruit Sugars, so if you have any allergies to sulfates, parabens, silicons or you are against using animal ingredients then these don’t contain any of those ingredients.

This gift set contains:

Jasmine Falls Bath & Shower Therapy 50ml – I have been using before bed, the combination of Jasmine flowers, Lavender & Vetiver is a unique fresh combination, which has helped me to relax and have a restful sleep.
Ylang-Ylang Incensa Bath & Shower Therapy 50ml – The aromatic notes of Pink Peppercorn & Ylang-Ylang really stand out for me in this therapy, which makes me in touch with myself with a hint of naughtiness, I think this would make a perfect couples bathing experience or for a woman to use when they are having a pamper before a date.
Siam Ginger Bath & Shower Therapy 50ml – If you want an aroma to revive your senses, giving you that boost of energy them this is the perfect choice.  The spicy ginger and lime are like a flavour explosion, that fill the bathroom in this intoxicating aroma.  This is my personal favourite out of the collection.
Camomile Sky Bath & Shower Therapy 50ml – The Neroli & Camomile work beautifully together to calm and relax me, sometimes I just inhale the fragrance from the bottle and can feel the tension in my shoulders drop.
Mint Thé Bath & Shower Therapy 50ml – I have always been a big fan of body cleansing products that contain Eucalyptus or Mint in them, as these aromas have always been a go to ingredient when I am feeling under the weather or run down.  The vapours from the essential oils in this product come to life and allow me to feel refreshed, with a clear head and mind.
Rosemary Chi Bath & Shower Therapy 50ml – I am adore the fragrance of Cedarwood, it has a unique fragrance which gives this therapy a slightly more manly edge and i’ve found to be the perfect remedy if you have had a long day but your have more social plans later in the day to give you that spring in your step.
Pep Noir Bath & Shower Therapy 50ml – This to me is the most manly therapy from the range, you can imagine this scent to go perfectly with a guy who is well groomed and stylish, with an inner air of confidence about him.

I have thoroughly enjoyed sampling the different fragrance families and aromas which Bodhi & Birch have to offer, these aren’t bath or shower gels, the word therapy is the best way to describe these products as they are an indulgent, super hydrating, aromatic experience to the senses.

You can purchase this Assemblage Gift Set direct from Bodhi & Birch, it comes beautifully stylish box and retails at £38.  I would certainly love to see this under my Christmas tree.  I plan to purchase a few of these in the full size starting with the Siam Ginger as that is my favourite from the whole collection.

Have you tried any of the Bodhi & Birch Bath and Shower Therapies before?

Do you like to try new products in a smaller travel size before purchasing in the full size?

What would you most like for Christmas?

Please comment below and let me know.

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