Eau Du Kashmir – Male Fragrance | Rituals

Eau Du Kashmir – Male Fragrance  |  Rituals

I have wanted to try a fragrance from Rituals for quite some time, as I adore the way they expertly blend aromatics to take you on a journey to delight my senses.

If you are new to the Rituals range, they were founded in 2000 by Raymond Cloosterman, who passionately believes that if you transform your daily routine and fill it with more meaningful moments, then happiness can found in the smallest of things.  This philosophy led to a unique concept of combining home and body cosmetics, thus Rituals was born.

Each of the Rituals collections are based on Eastern traditions, with its own specifically selected ingredients, combined with the latest innovative technologies and distinctive benefits.

With one spritz of this Eau De Kashmir fragrance I am taken on a journey to mountain plains of the Oriental Kashmir Valley, I feel tranquil and serene, whilst taking in the warm aromatic tones all around me.  This is a truly unique blend with notes of Bergamot, Vetiver and Kashmir Lavender.

I adore the decadent packaging which is which looks like it has been crafted from a rich mossy green marble, like you would find in a sultan’s palace, dripping in gold leaf for that extra touch of opulence.  Once removed the fragrance bottle is made of thick cut glass with a deep rich green tint and is finished off with a golden emblem stamped on the front and a a dark wooden topper which adds to the authentic, rich opulent design with Rituals carved into the top.

This fragrance is suitable for any occasion, from day to evening, the fresh crisp notes combined with the spicy pepper tones and bergamot, give this aroma a real depth and I have had so many people say how good I smell and where can they purchase this fragrance from as it is a truly unique scent that you wont find in the high street.

This fragrance is available in a 50ml size which can be purchased direct from the Rituals website, retailing at £39.  As this is a eau du parfum I found I only needed a couple of spritzes to give me a long lasting rich bold scent.

I look forward to trying more of the Rituals fragrance range in the future and this is top of my Christmas list and i’m sure it will be well received if given as a gift.

Have you tried any of the Rituals range before?

What’s your favourite fragrance and why?

Please comment below and let me know.

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