Hand Chemistry Retin-Oil Review

Hand Chemistry Retin-Oil Review

The Hand Chemistry brand was born in 2014, with the principle to change the world of beauty by doing everything that other brands don’t do.  Since then it has gone on to be nominated and win several prestigious awards from the beauty press.

I have recently been using the Retin-Oil from this brand, this oil contains the next generation in Vitamin A technology, with the most effective retinoid compound that you can get without prescription.

This innovative complex also contains Vitamin C, Amazonian Oil and a Dead Sea Algae complex to see a visible difference on your skin.

The main reason I wanted to try this oil is last year I had to have my appendix removed suddenly and wanted to see if this oil could make a difference to the scar which has been left behind.  I have been using this Retin-Oil religiously day and night for the past two weeks to make sure I see optimal benefits.

I first want to say that the packaging is very unique and looks very high tech as though you had been to a specialist lab to create your own exclusive complex.  It has a screw cap lid with a small hole in to the top of the bottom to dispense the right amount so you aren’t over using this product as it is highly concentrated.

I immediately noticed the aroma of this oil, it’s a freshly squeezed citrus burst onto the skin, which makes the use of this oil all the more pleasant when treating these more serious or concerning areas of the body.  The oil has a dry oil texture which has enough moisture to massage into the skin but sinks in instantly to get to work straight away.

Over the last two weeks I have noticed a reduction of the depth of my scar but also the skin around it has more of an even smoother texture, the skin looks plump and hydrated with a new found energy to it.  I am very impressed by this oil and I will be repurchasing this myself to continue the progress i’ve seen on my scar so far.

You can purchase this Retin-Oil from various outlets including Selfridges, Look Fantastic and Boots at £19.99 for a 100ml size.

Have you tried any of the Hand Chemistry range before?

Are you a fan of using oils on the body?

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

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