Red Anchor – Wash Room & Moisture Trio

Red Anchor are a British company who have created a male grooming range which is blended with the finest natural oils and extracts, to treat and protect the skin whilst bringing a touch of class to any bathroom.

Over the Christmas break I decided to give the Red Anchor Sandalwood Face & Beard Cleanser, Coconut 100 and Sea Breeze Shower Gel a try as I have left beard area longer to grow and wanted to take a little break from my usual routine to see how these products performed.

I started with the Sandalwood Cleanser, which comes in a 250ml size which is a generous amount and will give many months worth of daily usage.  The aroma of Sandalwood mixed with Argan Oil and fresh sea elements, gives this cleanser a warm woodsy, spicy blend, one that I think most men would enjoy using.  This cleanser has a fluid gel texture, which lathers up well leaving the skin clean and fresh.  I always feel very calm after using this product, it seems to relax me so I tend to use it as my evening cleanse.  I also found that it worked wonderfully to soften my beard hair so it didn’t feel as coarse and rough.

This cleanser is available from the Red Anchor website and retails at £12.50

Next I moved onto the Coconut 100 which initially I thought could only be used on the beard area to give moisture to the beard hair, but when I looked at the ingredients or should I say ingredient I found out it was 100% pure organic Coconut Oil.  This meant that I could use it many other areas of the body than I initially thought.  I tried it on my dry elbows and knees, as a cuticle treatment, on my dry feet, as a lip balm and all over my face and hair as an overnight treatment.

The Coconut 100 starts off solid at room temperature, but instantly melts from the heat of your fingers and turns into the most gorgeous fluid oil that is very concentrated, and a little goes a long way.  This is definitely one of my most favourite products from the Red Anchor range as I am a big fan of multi tasking products as they are so easy to use and can cut down on packing multiple items when travelling.

This Coconut 100 comes in a 50ml pot and is available from the Red Anchor website and retails at £12.50

Finally I want to talk about the Sea Breeze Shower Gel, which comes in a 250ml pump action bottle, the aroma is a fresh uplifting scent with notes of Seaweed, Black Seed Oil and Kangaroo Apple extracts.

I find this is a perfect morning shower cleansing gel to gently wake you up in the morning, it isn’t bold or zingy as we’ve all had those moments where we really don’t want to get out of bed but when we do we need to be gently eased into the day and that’s what this shower gel helps to do.  It gives a through cleanse whilst being kind to the skin, leaving it hydrated and soft.

This Sea Breeze Shower Gel is available from the Red Anchor website and retails at £7.95 which is an amazing price considering the pure, organic ingredients used to create this wonderful body cleanser.

Overall I have been thoroughly impressed by this range, the high quality natural ingredients, which are cold pressed on site during manufacture in the heart of England, the effectiveness of shave, hydration and overall grooming has made this range a true pleasure to use.  Not forgetting the value for money as you need such a little amount of these products and at a price point that will be kind to your wallet, I would recommend to give this range a try.

Have you tried any products from the Red Anchor range before?

What are your New Years Resolutions?

Do you use a specific male grooming range?

Please comment below and let me know.

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