Abyssinian Oil Facial Concentrate | Beauty Kitchen

Abyssinian Oil Facial Concentrate  |  Beauty Kitchen

For those who are not familiar with who Beauty Kitchen are, they produce 100% natural products enriched with essential oils, providing effective treatments for your face and body, which are kind to the environment and your wallet.

I recently reviewed their Love Me Body Oil which you can find the link to HERE.

This time I am focusing on the Abyssinian Oil for the the facial area, as this time of year it is important to keep your skin hydrated from constant battle between central heating and the harsh Winter cold.

Facial oils are a brilliant way to increase hydration in the skin as they are readily accepted into the skin more easily than a lotion or cream, this is due to having a smaller molecular structure which has a natural affinity with the skin.

We all know the benefits of using Argan Oil, well Abyssinian Oil is a turbocharged version and is blended with Sweet Almond, Palmarosa and Rosehip oils  to intensely hydrate, balance and protect the skin.  This blend of oils combined with aromatic notes of Rose Geranium, Rose Absolute, Magnolia and Cedarwood is a delight to the senses.

I found I only needed to use two to three drops of this oil under my moisturiser to give my skin a well needed boost.  Over the last few weeks i’ve noticed that my skin is plumper, fewer breakouts and the look of my lines and wrinkles are less noticeable.

This oil comes in a 30ml size and retails through the Beauty Kitchen website at £19.99 which is an amazing price considering the quality of the ingredients, or if you’re in the Glasgow area why don’t you pop along to experience how the products are made in person.

Have you tried any products from the Beauty Kitchen range before?

Have you ever used a body oil?

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