Facial Konjac Sponge | Beauty Kitchen

Facial Konjac Sponge  |  Beauty Kitchen

This time I am focusing on the Beauty Kitchen Facial Konjac Sponge, this sponge can be used on its own to deeply cleanse the skin, it’s 100% natural and made from pure edible vegetable roots.

Konjac is a perennial plant and is made up of 97% water.

This is a quick and simple step to give your skin that extra bit of care, simply rinse and hydrate the Konjac sponge in warm water, squeeze out any excess and gently massage over the facial area, you don’t need to use a cleansing product with this sponge as it naturally cleanses the skin.  You can also use it with your favourite cleanser, I have tried this and noticed that I didn’t need to use as much as the sponge allows the cleanser to spread further over the face and gives a thorough cleanse.

I’ve used this Konjac sponge for the last two weeks and noticed a real difference to the texture of my skin after cleansing and a reduction in breakouts.  I would recommend anyone to give this a try to see what a difference it can make to your skin.

The Konjac Sponge retails at £6.99 through the Beauty Kitchen website, which is a great price if you’re looking for a cleansing alternative without the high cost.   If you’re in the Glasgow area why not pop along to experience how the products are made in person.

Have you tried any products from the Beauty Kitchen range before?

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