NIOD Copper Amino & Multi Molecular Hero Serum Duo Review

Hello Beauties

I want to introduce you to NIOD who is a very modern brand and won the “QVC Find a New Beauty Brand 2015” who have only been producing products for the past six months and they have built their own factory using cutting edge technologies, so they can quickly create and deliver the newest formulas with the latest beauty “buzz word” ingredients.

I wanted to try this range as I am interested in seeing what a more scientific approach to skincare would be like to use and see what a difference it can be make to my skin.

This review is about the NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum 1% and the Multi Molecular Hyaluronic Complex, it is recommended to use both of these serums together to increase the skin health benefits of each formula.  I like how the potency of the pure Copper Amino Peptide is kept fresh till you mix it with the activator, so it’s at its greatest efficacy to deliver results.

Each of the serums have a slightly different texture,  the “CAI” has a watery texture which I will admit it took a little getting used to in the first couple of days to use, the best way i found was to place it in the middle of my hand and quickly press my hands together to then smooth over the face.   This serum has a lower viscosity than water so it disappears into the skin straight away, which it is suppose to, so it can work on the deeper layers of the skin.  Whilst the “MMHC” serum is slightly thicker, more familiar serum texture, that is still super lightweight, which sinks straight into the skin on top of the “CAI” serum.  This serum contains twelve different types of  Hyaluronic Acid compounds, to enable the skin to attract hydration and lock in the moisture on many different levels.

After three days of using both serums twice daily my skin texture had become smoother, pores are much more refined, almost like it had been airbrushed by a high end magazine photoshoot.  One day I even thought I had already applied my foundation, as when I looked in the mirror my skin was looking even and radiant.

Overall if you are someone who is serious about your skincare or want to see a big difference to your skin then I would highly recommend that you give these serums a try, as I have seen dramatic results in a short space of time.  These would be perfect for a bride or groom to use in the run up to the big day to give radiant skin on the big day.

These serums are available separately from the NIOD website, but to celebrate the brand’s launch on QVCUK you can buy these in a duo collection saving you £50 off the RRP price by ordering Item 214336.

I am looking forward to trying more from the NIOD range and would love to hear any of your thoughts and comments about these products or any you have tried from the range.

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