Benefit – The POREfessional: License To Blot

With having a combination skin type, one of my daily annoyances can be seeing shiny patches on my skin, that I didn’t start the day with.  I have tried many products to try and mattify this shiny appearance, most of which have over dried the skin or made wrinkles more visible.

This is why I wanted to try Benefit’s POREfessional License To Blot, to see if it was up to the job of combatting the shine, but not having an adverse effect on my skin.

This product comes with a triangular shaped tip which makes it easy to use around the nose, forehead and chin areas.  When applying use a blotting / patting motion to target those pesky shiny areas, by doing this you are pressing tiny invisible blotting spheres into the skin which is designed to mattify shine for up to six hours.

Having used this product for a couple of weeks, my shine worries are no longer a concern, it is simple and easy to use as a touch up over my makeup throughout the day and has genuinely kept those areas free from shine, without further repeat applications..

One tip i’ve found that works particularly well, is to apply on top of your primer, before foundation, targeting the areas where you notice the most shine throughout the day, then applying my foundation.  By using the stick in this way I noticed I rarely needed to touch up over the top of the foundation throughout the day, as I had already treated those area’s of concern and sometimes you don’t have the time to check your face when you day is crazy busy, so you can relax and know that you are shine free.

You can purchase the POREfessional direct from Benefit’s website and is also available in the majority of Boots and Debenhams stores on the high street, priced at £15.50.

Have you tried any of the Benefit products?

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