Muscle Easing Arnica Solutions | SBC

Muscle Easing Arnica Solutions  |  SBC

SBC is a British company that combine simple fuss free packaging with high quality ingredients, producing products that are effective and dependable, in large guilt free sizes, which give you the opportunity to use top to toe.

This review is about the wonder ingredient Arnica, which has been used for centuries and is the most widely used herbal ingredient in the world today.  Arnica is brilliant at treating everyday aches, muscular tension, joint pain and can make a real difference to those with medical conditions such as Arthritis.

SBC are always thinking of new ways to provide the ingredients we need, creating new textures, formulas and delivery systems.  This is true with the Arnica range, which offers diverse and dynamic solutions, to treat your aches and pains.

  • Arnica Skincare Gel – This was the first Arnica formula created and is the most universal, you can apply this light, water based gel all over the skin and body, massage into the affected areas as and when needed.  This lightweight gel straight into the skin to give fast effective results and can be reapplied as and when it is needed.  I keep a small pot of Arnica gel in the fridge to apply around my eyes on a morning, to take down the puffiness.  It is also effective when I have a headache, as applying this gel to my forehead and back of the neck helps to ease away the pain.
  • Arnica Muscle Soak – This muscle soak has been a bit of a life saver for me, I reach for it every time after a workout, I fill a nice warm bath, use about 5 pumps of this bath soak and then lay back and relax, it really helps to relieve my muscles and avoids those post workout aches the next day.  You can also use this as a foot soak if you have been on your feet all day or have swollen ankles or feet.
  • Intensive Arnica Gel – This gel has a thicker viscosity and contains double the strength of the Arnica Montana extract than the original Arnica gel, I use this when I need fast effective pain relief or have had a particularly heavy work out.  As this gel has a greater intensity,  you only need to use a small amount as the rich texture, glides across the skin and is fantastic to massage with.

You can choose to use all of the different formulas as and when needed, depending on what you need to use them for.  I would always recommend to have one of these formulas on stand by, as it easy to get caught out when you need to reach for this powerful ingredient and by choosing SBC you have great value for money.

You can purchase each of these products direct from SBC or two of these are available on QVCUK today as part of their TSV and the Intensive Arnica Gel is the Supersize Pick Of The Month offering even greater value.

Have you tried any of SBC’s products?

If you have tried Arnica what are the benefits you have seen and what do you use it for?

Please comment below and let me know.

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