Radical Skincare Instant Revitalizing Mask

Radical Skincare was created by the Edlich sisters, Liz and Rachel who are the daughters of Dr Richard F. Edlich MD. PHD who is a world renowned Professor of Plastic Surgery.  After having her second child Rachel developed Rosacea and had red bumps all over her face, which was completely inflamed and was on three types of medication that her doctors said she would be on for life, at the same time Liz had turned 46 and realised that gravity was taking its toll and was noticing more wrinkles, so they both decided to create the most powerful anti aging solution that could be suitable for Rachel’s sensitive skin, this was the beginning of Radical skincare.

I have recently decided to try the Radical Instant Revitalizing Mask as this seems to be a truly unique product and was interested to see what difference it could make to my skin.

This mask is easy to use a couple of pumps is enough to cover the entire facial area and within minutes the intelligent complex formula begins to foam and pop like champagne bubbles over the skin’s surface, identifying where your skin’s problem areas are.  This mask contains are rare plant extract called Nasturtium, which causes the synthesis process, causing the bubbling reaction on the skin.  It is recommended to leave this mask on the skin for ten minutes or until the bubbling and popping has stopped.  It is also packed full of high performance active ingredients such as, B12, Sodium PCA, Ginseng Extract and a complex of antioxidant multivitamins of A, C & E.

After removing this mask the appearance of my skin looked like it had been on a high intensity workout session at the gym, the texture was smoother and brighter with a revitalised glow.  I was surprised how much of a difference it had made to my skin’s texture, as I have used many masks over the years but this is in a league of its own.

No matter what your skin type, everyone can benefit from using this mask, I would highly recommend you to try this for yourself and see the difference.  I would like to point out that the bubbling sensation took a little while to get used to with it popping on my skin, as I had never used a mask with this technology.

You can purchase this mask direct from Radical Skincare’s website, retailing at £40 for a 30ml bottle or is also available from QVCUK with a couple of samples of more products from the range.

The Radical sisters will be appearing on QVCUK on the 10th February at 10pm if you want to know more about this range.

Have you tried any of the Radical range before?

Do you use a mask in your current beauty routine?

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