Hello March: Spring Is Almost Here

Hello March: Spring Is Almost Here

Another month has passed by so quickly and we’re into March already, which means soon it will be Spring, I know that’s hard to believe with most parts of the UK having bitterly cold weather at the moment.  I enjoy this time of the year, with the brighter days and Spring flowers starting to appear in the garden, plus it is Mother’s Day on the 6th and Easter Sunday on the 27th March.

I hope that you found the time to have a good look through you skin care last month with my “February Refresh” idea if not and you are just hearing about this now then follow this link to find out more HERE.  As hopefully you will now be more in control of your beauty routine and have a better understanding of what you may need to slot into your routine to achieve even greater results.

Throughout March I will be sharing my thoughts on some new brands which i’ve recently discovered, there will also be new launch from on my favourite brands Decleor that I will be using, it sounds amazing.  I also want to focus how important it is to be using a daily SPF as it can easily be forgotten about when the sun isn’t shining.  I will be sharing my #SpaSunday secrets too to encourage you all to give your skin a treat.  Of course I will be sharing all the information about new releases, special offers and reviews which you’ve come to expect now with my blog, along with some competitions so you can try some new products and brands for yourself.

I am thankful of your all your support, whether you are new to my blog or a long time reader, it is rewarding to hear your comments and feedback, feel free to get in touch anytime.

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