Blossoming Gifts – Mum’s Tulips Gift Bag – Mother’s Day Bouquet Review

Blossoming Gifts – Mum’s Tulips Gift Bag – Mother’s Day Bouquet Review

It’s Mother’s Day on March 6th this year, the one day of the year were you can give back and treat your mam, if yours is anything like mine who does everything she can all year round to be there for me, it’s time to let her have a day off, sit back and relax.  One of the most universal ways to show love, affection and appreciation for someone is to give the gift of flowers, I always send flowers on Mother’s Day, it’s a tradition for me and have been doing it since I was a child.

This year I have discovered Blossoming Gifts, who have an amazing selection of floral arrangements in a wide variety of blooms to find the perfect match for you mam this Mother’s Day.

So often these days when I go and look for flowers there is usually little or no scent to them, which doesn’t entice me to give them as a gift, so I had high hopes for the Blossoming Gifts creations.

I chose the “Tulips Gift Bag”, as they are a symbol that Spring is here and have a classic designer look.  When the flowers arrived and I opened the box, I was greeted by the most wonderful aroma, as though I was walking through green hills on a bright sunny day.

The flowers looked fresh, full of vibrant colour and vitality as if they had just been picked that day and arranged in a pink gift bag which has a cherry and gingham design.

I have had these flowers for just over a week now and they are still going strong, it is important to change the water every other day as this will help with the longevity of your flowers.

You can purchase the “Mum’s Tulips Gift Bag” direct from the Flowers for Mother’s Day selection on the Blossoming Gifts website, it is priced at £22.99 which offers great value for money, as I have spent a lot more in the past and the flowers weren’t as nice as these.  You can also choose to have these flowers delivered direct to you Mam on Sunday, which i’m sure will be a lovely surprise

As a special gift for being so supportive of my blog I am giving you a 33% discount if you order your Mother’s Day flowers through the links on this blog post and by using the Discount Code BGIFTS33 at the checkout.

Do you normally give the gift of flowers for Mother’s Day?

What are your favourite flowers?

Please comment below and let me know.

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