New Launch – Ultrasun Targeted Eye & Hand Protection Plus New Tinted Options

New Launch – Ultrasun Targeted Eye & Hand Protection Plus New Tinted Options

I am a big fan of Ultrasun, their patented advanced broad spectrum sun protection formulas are a go to option for me, the once a day application makes it so easy to apply with no greasy or sticky residue, which has converted my family to use sun protection factors on a regular basis.

According to latest statistics from Cancer Research, more than two young adults (aged 15-34) are diagnosed with malignant melanoma every day in the UK and it is the second most most common Cancer in this age group, yet they are reluctant to protect themselves.  This is why Ultrasun have added higher SPF options to their product range which has been most popular with younger customers, to encourage them to be responsible in the sun.

Ultrasun have introduced five new products to their family of skin protection products, including targeted eye and hand protection, plus new tinted options and a higher SPF in their Glimmer formula.  If you are new to the range check out my previous review HERE.

  • Hand SPF30 Anti-Pigmentation Cream – It’s often said that the hands are a neglected area of protection from the elements and yet one of the earliest areas to show spot sun damage and ageing. This product offers high-level protection from both UVA and UVB with powerful anti-ageing and targeted ingredients. A sun protection and daily hand treatment in one that results in a visible brightening of existing pigmentation in just 14 days. As with all Ultrasun formulas this product contains the latest infrared technology, delivering broad spectrum defence for the skin. Water resistant and free from perfume, mineral oils, emulsifiers and silicones. Available in 75ml: £18.00
  • Eye Formula SPF30 – With UVA and UVB filters, this lightweight, hydrating formula protects the area where we show photo ageing the most. With a lightening and brightening effect, one application a day will hydrate, reduce the appearance of dark circles and fine lines and most of all protect, protect, protect! Super sensitive and suitable for contact lens wearers. Available in 15ml: £18.00
  • Tinted Face SPF50 – Now available in a higher SPF and a choice of two shades Ivory (Fair/Light) or Honey (Medium/Dark).  Beautifully lightweight, but offering very heavy duty UVA & UVB protection. Containing Ectoin a revolutionary and rare natural enzyme that protects the skin from the effects of UVA induced damage and premature photo ageing. This easy to-apply once-a-day anti-ageing moisturiser can be used in place of your normal day cream and is formulated with a hint of colour, available in 50ml: £26.00
  • Glimmer SPF50 – This beautiful formula will be adored by little princesses and more mature princesses alike. Get your glimmer on and enjoy the sunshine whilst protecting to the maximum EU standard possible. The ground-breaking formula containing tiny golden ‘glimmers’ gives the skin a beautiful golden, sparkling sheen so even the fairest maidens can feel radiant and gorgeous whilst in the sunshine. This is extremely high broad spectrum (UVA + UVB) for long lasting protection with just one application. Available in 100ml: £22.00
  • Tinted Body Formula SPF30 – Following the success of the hugely popular tinted formula for the face, this is the ideal blend of colour and protection for the body, and perfect for all those looking for a bit more glam and colour from their sun protection. The Ultrasun Tinted Body Formula SPF30 delivers high, all day protection (UVA + UVB) with just one application. Its super sensitive formulation glides on the body, leaving arms and legs radiant whilst helping to prevent future sun damage and reducing the risk of ‘prickly heat’. Great for the first outing of summer dresses in the season. Available in 150ml: £26.00

Some of these products have already been released, with the rest to follow later this month and in April.  Ultrasun can be purchased on QVCUK, at John Lewis, Waitrose, Marks & Spencer, House of Fraser, Superdrug, Ocado and directly from the Ultrasun website.

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