Philosophy 20th Birthday Celebrations

Philosophy 20th Birthday Celebrations

This year marks the 20th Birthday of Philosophy, the first brand that introduced the simple idea of offering makeup optional skin and empowering women and men around the world to believe in themselves and be more confident in their own skin.  I am a big fan of the quotes which appear on the packaging, as they allow me to take a moment out of my day to reflect about my life and it’s direction.

Philosophy’s core products have stood the test of time, with the Purity cleanser, Hope In A Jar moisturiser and Amazing Grace fragrance, still being sought after beauty must haves 20 years on.  They were also the first company to introduce the concept of in-home microdermabrasion, which traditionally you would need to visit a beauty salon for this type of treatment.  Philosophy have introduced many innovations to the beauty industry and want to wish a very happy 20th Birthday and here is to another 20 years.

philosophy purity cleanser


For the past couple of weeks I have been using the Purity made simple 3-in-1 cleansing gel, I have mainly used this cleanser in the morning as the aroma and fresh foaming texture is perfect to wake up and refresh my skin for the day ahead, it is gentle, yet effective at removing dirt, oil and impurities that the skin has been releasing during the night, leaving the skin feeling throughly cleansed, without over stripping or drying the skin.  I have used this cleanser to remove makeup and found whilst this is a cleansing gel, it is just as effective as any cream cleanser i’ve tried at breaking down the makeup and is gentle enough to use over the eyes too.

This cleanser is perfect for anyone that is looking for a fast, effective cleanse and enjoys the feeling of soft foaming bubbles on their skin, great for guys or women who lead a busy lifestyle and want a speedy cleansing solution and has been voted the best cleanser in the Tatler beauty awards.  This would also be great for teenagers, as their first step into skincare, to keep their skin clean and balanced.



This cleanser retails at £18 and offers many months of daily cleansing you can purchase this and the rest of the Philosophy range from Boots, John Lewis and QVCUK, where you will find lots of offers and special 20th birthday offers and packaging to celebrate.

Have you tried the Philosophy range before?

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