Aura Print – Online Digital Print Specialist- Business Card Review

Aura Print – Online Digital Print Specialist- Business Card Review

Social media is a fantastic way to connect with others, giving you the opportunity to speak with individuals and companies in “real time” that you wouldn’t of had chance to do in the past, but I believe it’s important that we don’t lose that personal connection and interact with one another in “real life”.

As I am relatively new to blogging, it is imperative for me to share my brand identity and be noticed as a sign of high quality and professionalism with a luxurious designer edge, I want followers of my blog and brands I work with, to know the real me and how passionate I am about the world of skincare and beauty.  I want to leave a great first impression when going to events and meetings where I am connecting with fellow bloggers and companies that I would like to work with, as you never get a second chance at a first impression.  This is why I chose to work with Aura Print Digital to create business cards that reflect my brand and personality.

Aura Print is a British company, based in Huddersfield, created by Liam Smith who started the company as a one-man operation back in 2007.  In a short space of time the business blossomed due to the companies values of honesty, integrity, hard work, quality and value.  Over the years Liam has invested in the future of Aura Print by purchasing the latest print equipment, hiring top quality industry professionals and acquiring further production and office space, to achieve greater efficiency and productivity than ever before.  This is a great example of how one man’s dream has come true.

I found the whole process of creating my Impakt Colour Core Business Cards with Aura Print, to be a pleasurable and efficient experience.  I chose to have the cards double sided, in full colour on a 800gsm uncoated paper, with a Core Colour of natural green and sent them my brand artwork and contact information of how I wanted the business cards to look.  I received a artwork proof in a short space of time, which I didn’t need to alter or make any changes as the brief I gave was executed just how I wanted, now all I needed to do was wait for my new business cards, I was so excited to recieve them and experience the quality in person as it can be difficult to gage the quality of a product when purchasing online.

When the business cards arrived I couldn’t of been more delighted, first of all they arrived in a bright colourful box, which I didn’t expect, usually this type of product would arrive in a plain cardboard box, but this just shows how Aura Print want the whole experience to be luxurious and fun.  Once I opened the box, I was delighted by the superior quality of the business cards, they are a nice solid thickness, colourful, professional and my logo and contact information were clearly displayed.  I am proud to be able to give these out and they represent me and my brand in the best way.

I would highly recommend Aura Print for your business card needs, there communication, efficiency, quality of work and transparent costings are impeccable.  They set the standard for all others to live up too.  Aura Print also offer many other printing needs such as banners, flyers, brochures and so much more.

Prices of these business cards start from £35.  The full cost of my cards including, design, printing and postage is all included for £59.94 working out to 24p per card, which is amazing for such a high quality product.

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