Pretty Honest – The Straight Talking Beauty Companion Book Review

Pretty Honest – The Straight Talking Beauty Companion Book Review

I have recently been given the opportunity to read a book all about the world of beauty called “Pretty Honest” by Sali Hughes.  Drawing on over 20 years of experience as a makeup artist and journalist, she has written features and opinion columns for Red, Grazia, Elle, Cosmopolitan, The Observer and Glamour.  In January 2011, Sali became The Guardian Weekend’s beauty columnist, which quickly cultivated a large and loyal following.  She also makes regular radio and TV appearances on BBC R5 Live, R4’s Woman’s Hour and Radio 2 and has appeared on Daybreak, This Morning and is a regular guest on Sky Press Preview.

With all of these credentials I was excited to read her straight-talking beauty companion, as no matter how much you think you know about a topic there is always something that can be of benefit, we are all a work in progress, it’s important to me to keep an open mind, as I never want to stop learning and growing as a person, especially about a topic that I am so passionate about.

Sali Hughes Beauty Book

I found this book a fascinating ready not only because of the subject matter which is an all encompassing companion about the highs and lows of beauty which isn’t afraid to discuss taboo subjects about cosmetic enhancements, Cellulite and Psoriasis, but the frank, open and honest approach to the way the information is given.  When I started my blog that was my main mantra that I was going to stick to and give an objective honest review about the products which I share, so i’m glad that Sali has a similar way of thinking.

One of my favourite chapters is titled “What Men Want” as it talks about female empowerment, as every woman should have the right to feel beautiful and wear makeup to make themselves look and feel better, not as a social convention for men to desire them more or not.  This chapter also discusses a topic which many would shy away from and that’s the “Walk Of Shame” which I think women in general get harshly judged for but Sali offers some handy tips of how to avoid looking like you haven’t yet been home with a selection of beauty products to keep with you at all times.  I think the same could be said for guys as it’s not only women that stay out all night.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and so glad to have been given the opportunity to do so.  If you would like to have a read for yourself you can purchase this from Amazon in a paperback, hardback or Kindle formats, with prices ranging from £5.99 too £14.96.

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