Real Life Instagram Filter For Your Face

Real Life Instagram Filter For Your Face

In this modern age of social media and the “Selfie Generation” there are so many more images of ourself that we share on various social media platforms.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could use a beauty product that has been specifically designed to make your skin look better for a camera lens, giving you a real life Instagram filter for your face.  Imagine a product that creates a subtle glow of radiance, to visibly reduce the look of lines and pores, whilst reducing any signs of redness or sallow looking skin.  You may just want to grab your wallet and have that bank card to the ready.

Hylamide’s Photography Foundation is one of those products you wonder where it has been all your life, this lightweight cooling primer which can be used as an under makeup base or on its own, glides over the skin with ease and offers a semi matte radiance effect, which can help to prolong the wear time of any products applied on top.

Personally I tend to use the Hylamide Photography Foundation on its own as a finisher to my skincare to give my face a radiant golden tint that looks like you’ve woke up looking that perfected and fresh.  I have also mixed it with liquid foundations, to give more of a mattifying effect and also over makeup later in the day to give the skin a boost.

I can see this product being very popular with guys, one that they would keep as a secret to share with best friends, to allow you to think they always look that well groomed and flawless.  The size of this product is deceptive as a little goes a very long way, I would recommend starting off with a small amount and adding more if necessary.  I would love a body product that could be used with these skin blurring, perfecting properties.

You can purchase the Hylamide Photography Foundation direct from DECIEM website at a price of £19 for a 30ml squeezy bottle size and is also available in Transparent or Dark Tan shades.

Have you tried any of Hylamide range before?

What is your current favourite primer or radiance product?

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