Decleor 4 Piece Face & Body Moisture Infusion TSV on QVCUK 26th March 2016

Decleor 4 Piece Face & Body Moisture Infusion TSV on QVCUK 26th March 2016

Decleor was created by Solange Dessimoulie in 1974, from the start she was focused on the total wellbeing of the body, skin and mind, using plant sciences and natural principles with a focus on the importance of massage, acupuncture and reflexology.  As word began to spread about the products she was creating and to realise her new ideas, Solange took on a chemist, a technician, a doctor and notably an aromatherapist Caroline Colliard.  Decléor was originally named “Cléor” which means “the Golden Key” in Egyptian mythology, Solange had a vision that beauty came from within to the outside – the temple.  The golden key was a symbolic of opening the temple of beauty.  Decleor is now a global brand and has the world’s largest skin care research and development laboratory with over 3000 technicians.

On the 26th March 2016 Decleor will be launching their first TSV of the year on QVCUK, this collection is all about locking hydration into the skin, combining over 40 years of skincare heritage with the latest skin formulation technologies, to bring you moisture rich products in modern texture choices to suit your needs, allowing you to multi-layer for dry, dehydrated thirsty skins.

Lack of hydration is one of the biggest causes of ageing, I always recommend that you have products in your beauty routine that will nourish and increase the moisture levels in the skin, regardless of skin type.  If your skin is lacking in hydration it can cause the skin to misbehave by producing more oil to try and compensate or causing it to dry out and you will see greater signs of ageing due to the collagen and elastin fibres weakening as they being starved of moisture.

Item 215493 – Decleor 4 Piece Moisture Infusion Collection Under £56.48 and on 4 EZ Pays RRP £157


  • 15ml Aromessence Neroli – This was the first product created by Decleor and has won so many awards and has constantly been voted by 182 industry experts as the best facial oil.  I first started using this 100% natural oil super serum when I was a teenager, over twenty years ago.  It really made a big difference to my very oily skin and was one of the first professional treatment products I used.  At the time I thought it was a crazy idea to use an oil when my skin was already producing more than enough, but this serum has a super fine texture which is instantly absorbed into the deeper layers of skin.  You only need to apply three drops to your fingertips morning and evening and apply to the face, whilst breathing in the gorgeous aroma.  I have consistently used the Neroli oil as an essential staple in my routine ever since, it keeps my skin balanced, deeply hydrated and looking radiant.
  • 100ml Hydra Floral Anti-Pollution Active Lotion – This is the newest innovation from Decleor, the power of a moisturiser, that appears to look like a toner, packed full of hydrating active ingredients such as Neroli & Hyaluronic Acid, whilst the Moringa Olifeira extract protects the skin from pollution and free radical damage.  You only need to apply 2 or 3 drops over the facial area after the Neroli Aromessence, you instantly feel a cooling and soothing sensation upon contact which hydrates and plumps the appearance of my skin.  I used to use the serum hydrotenseur a couple of times a week under my moisturiser, but this lotion is a much better solution. I have a combination skin type and found that on most days this provides enough hydration on it’s own without following with a cream moisturiser.  When my skin needs extra comfort and hydration I have been sandwiching this between the Aromessence and Hydra Floral cream to increase the hydration benefits to my skin.  I am a big fan of layering my skincare products, especially with Decleor as they work in synergy with one another.
  • 50ml Hydra Floral 24hr Hydrating Light Cream – I am a big fan of this moisturiser, I first tried it when I was a teenager, around the same time I started using the Aromessence Neroli, over twenty years ago.  Since then it has become a dependable moisturiser for me, whenever my skin is feeling out of sorts, looking dry or dehydrated I know it’s time to open a fresh pot and gorge my skin with hydration.  Over the years I have seen this moisturiser get better and better as it now contains active ingredients to protect from the damaging effects of pollution and new delivery system technologies, to drip feed the skin with moisture throughout the day.  I adore the light texture which melts into my skin upon contact, this cream always has the ability to change my skin for the better, it brings a fresh bloom to my appearance and I always recieve compliments, saying how well I am looking which is always a welcome to hear.

Then comes a choice of either:

  • 250ml System Corps Moisturising Body Milk – If there is one step out of my routine that I skip it is applying a body lotion, not because I don’t think I need to use one but more often than not, it takes so much time and effort to apply and wait for it to sink in before I can get ready.  However this body milk has such a light texture that just melts into the skin, instantly feeding it with intense hydration and the added benefits of firming and toning the skin all in one quick application.  The pump action bottle makes it easy to dispense the correct amount and the aroma is so fresh and clean.
  • 250ml Gradual Glow Hydrating Body Milk – Now take into account all of the benefits I have just mentioned with the System Corps Body Milk, imagine if you could enjoy those same results but everyday you apply the lotion you gradually achieve a deeper natural looking tan, that is streak free, fades evenly and doesn’t need hours of prep to apply.  Well all of this can be found in this Gradual Glow Body Milk.  I have never come across a tanning product that requires so little effort to apply, that you don’t have to worry that it will look fake or orange on the skin, you are in total control of the colour.  This product has even given my Mother the confidence to try tanning, which she never felt confident about trying before.

Overall this collection is perfect for all skin types to infuse your skin with moisture, giving it a flawless, dewy appearance.  The only choice you need to make, is do you want a sunkissed glow or maximum hydration benefits.  Whichever option you choose, this collection is amazing value for money, you are saving over £90 compared to purchasing direct from Decleor and all are a full retail size.  This is a true saving as I know you will use and enjoy each and everyone of these products, there is no fad or gimmicky tricks, this is pure unadulterated moisture for your skin.

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