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Hello Beauties, I hope you’re having a wonderful Bank Holiday so far, I want to talk about something that is rarely discussed, a common issue that can affect all of us and the one we are most afraid of telling someone about and that is bad breath.  Most of us have experienced this ourselves, possibly the morning after drinking or if you are on a high protein diet it can be more noticeable.  Even if you haven’t had to deal with this issue, I believe it is important to look after your oral hygiene as you only get one set of teeth that has to last you a lifetime.

I have recently been using The Breath Co range of mouth washes which come in a Mild Mint or Icy Mint flavours along with their Dry Mouth Lozenges to see if they could make any improvements to my oral hygiene, compared to my usual brands.

In 1993 Dr Harold Katz’s daughter came to him to see if he could solve her bad breath issues as everything else that she had tried didn’t work.  He soon came up with a solution using the natural oxygenating power of OXYD-8 and a year later The Breath Co was created to help everyone around the world combat these issues.  Since then over 6 million people in 98 countries have benefitted from these clinically proven formulas, to eliminate bad breath and regain lost confidence.

When I first tried these mouthwashes I noticed that they didn’t have such a strong taste that I was used too, which made me wonder if I have been doing more harm than good with my usual products, as this could be a sign that they are too strong and just stripping everything away, so could this gentler approach perform just as well?

I am pleased to say that after switching to The Breath Co I have noticed a big difference, I no longer have bad morning breath and mouth feels healthier and fresher.  I particularly like the mouth lozenges as they give instant freshness and seem to restore the natural moisture balance in my mouth, they are a perfect partner to the mouth washes.

I want to be honest by saying I didn’t feel I had such an issue in this area but I have seen improvements, so I would suggest this range to anyone who wants to better take care of their oral hygenine or is possibly experiencing greater problems in this area.  You can purchase these products in local high street stores such as Boots and Superdrug, the mouthwashes retail at £13.99 and the mouth lozenges at £8.99.

Do you suffer with issues with bad breath?

Have you tried other ranges in the hope that they would work?

Please comment below and let me know.

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