Hello April – Time To Celebrate

Hello April – Time To Celebrate

Another month has passed by so quickly and we’re into April, the clocks have moved forward an hour, which means more daylight hours and brighter evenings ahead.  I always look forward to April, mainly because it’s my birthday on the 21st and for me age is more than a number, it’s important to remember where you have come from and the life experiences you’ve had that’s brought you to this point.  Embrace and celebrate each birthday as we can all sometimes wish we were younger, but if that meant losing the knowledge I have now, then i’d rather be in my thirties and be happy.

Throughout April I will be sharing my thoughts on some new brands which i’ve recently discovered, as I am a big believer in trying out different skin solutions to see what difference they can make.  With information about new product releases, special offers, reviews, which you’ve come to expect now with my blog, along with some competitions, to give you the chance to try some new products and see how they can make a difference to your skin.

I am thankful of your all your support, next month I will be celebrating my one year anniversary of this blog, it’s amazing how quickly the time has gone.

Whether you are new to my blog or a long time reader, it is very rewarding to hear your comments and feedback, feel free to get in touch anytime.

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